Hollywood’s Stars are Dimming


Earlier this month celebrated actress Meryl Streep gave a “brave” speech to a room full of Democrat supporters at the Golden Globes Award ceremony. And it was a great success if you read Democrat-supporting articles. But in what way was it brave? (Streep was basically meowing to a room full of cats…she wasn’t likely to get much opposition in there now, was she?)

In her speech, Streep chose to attack Donald Trump – a man who had managed to scare the Left out of its wits even before his inauguration. She called out Trump’s tasteless mocking of a man with disabilities yet rather strangely St Meryl didn’t go so far as to criticise and offer sympathies to a man with mental problems who was captured, tortured and filmed on Facebook by 4 Black Lives Matter activists in Chicago.

Remember this is Hollywood where morals are questionable at the best of times, where marriages form and collapse between the filming of a movie and the start of a new one, where the stars are likely to have at least been arrested once if not served jail time at some point in their drug or alcohol-fuelled careers. This is Hollywood where their kids are raised to feel such entitlement that they think they are above the law and find themselves having to be bailed out by their parents – the ones lucky enough not to overdose on drugs, obviously.


It’s easy to find the Hollywood bubble astonishing at times. People worth hundreds of millions of dollars will squirrel their money away in tax havens then go on world tours raising awareness of plights, conditions and wars whilst asking us to pay money into their charities and causes.  The likes of Leonardo DiCaprio will fly around the world on a private jet to lecture us on air pollution. Russell Brand will attend anti-austerity marches in his chauffeur-driven Bentley. It’s not just the stars who are airheads – often it’s their PR advisers too.

It’s an odd relationship we have with the Hollywood elite, isn’t it? We’re often happy to be lectured and talked down to on crucial political issues by them, in spite of their acting school educations, whilst they display the utmost hypocrisy.

In addition to this hypocrisy we have to put up with the stars’ fan base telling us we can’t criticise their beloved star on social media because, you know, it’s mean and their star’s opinion is more valid because they once did a play where they pretended to be poor so they have all the experience they ever need.

Let’s get real here.

If a celebrity doesn’t want their opinion questioned, then they shouldn’t voice it. End of.

You don’t get to attack someone verbally and expect everyone to agree with you, regardless of your job.  The Hollywood elite no doubt are unaware of how their opinions are resonating at the moment – they genuinely can’t understand why their speeches on diversity, acceptance and loving one another are falling on deaf ears. They are actors, they’re paid to parrot whatever they have been given in a script; everything from crying onscreen over the death of someone to doing a “heartfelt” plea for a charity.

They can turn on and off their emotions and expressions like a kettle – who knows what they genuinely do feel, believe and care about? Their careers often involve portraying psychopaths and sociopaths for weeks on end.

It’s been rather telling which celebrities have been outspoken and which ones haven’t. It’ll be interesting to see if they can still sell their DVDs, fill cinema seats or get big viewing figures for their TV shows now a lot of them have spent their time insulting Brexit and insulting Trump’s voters.  Weren’t BBC’s Sherlock viewing figures surprising low? Wonder why?


One of the wonderful things about modern day technology is that films and shows that would have received a minor cult following on some obscure satellite channel are now receiving massive audiences worldwide. It means we have more choice over who we want to see on our screens. The Hollywood stars of today could suddenly find themselves undesirable, unable to bring the “star power” needed and become irrelevant in the next few years as cinema closure rates increase.

Something the stars of today don’t realise is that all their bleating and moaning is corroding. Who’s bothered anymore that a young woman of 20, who can command 10 million dollars per movie, thinks it’s unfair that older male colleagues with 50 plus years under their belt belt can get five times that?

Hopefully the Hollywood echo chamber will get so small we won’t have to put up with being talked down to for much longer. Stars will shine wherever they are given a chance to pick up light. The more the Hollywood stars bleat about issues they are not qualified to discuss, the more light gets diverted elsewhere. The same goes for the BBC and its draconian TV license – we should not be forced to watch their tosh any longer.

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  1. Streep is a great actress. No getting away from that fact. Like a lot of actresses and pop stars they forget that they are only qualified to act or sing. They should be knocked from their pedestals the more they rant. The likes of Mark Wahlberg rally against these SJWs, so not all stars can be blamed. Maybe those who do not rant will become the ones who win more public favour in future?

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