Homeless in Haunted London

BY ANDREW MOODY In the haze between exhaustion, sleep and consciousness, I feel something tapping my foot. It’s pouring with freezing rain, and I’m curled up in a ball by a bus stop somewhere in Aldwych. I’m penniless, no bus or train pass, no way of returning to the acute ward I absconded from some days ago, walking for hours and hours sobbing through the … Continue reading Homeless in Haunted London

No Room at The Inn

BY MANDY BALDWIN The upright and righteous of Stoke-on-Trent have hit on a plan to rid their streets of the non-people who offend those scurrying to buy lush food and glittery objects to celebrate the birth of a baby in a stable. Seventeen people, you see, are ruining the town for everyone by existing and erecting small pop-up tents as shelter against the harshest winter … Continue reading No Room at The Inn

The English Seaside Project

BY MANDY BALDWIN I’d bet my flip-flops and tonight’s sausages, none of the regulars at Country Squire Magazine have ever donned a blue and white wimple – no, not even the ones who attended excellent schools – but Mother Theresas come in all shapes and sizes, and CSM most definitely saved my bacon, and my marbles, to whatever extent they have been saved. It had … Continue reading The English Seaside Project

The Hidden Rural Homeless

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN According to the homeless charity Crisis, last year 57, 740 households were accepted as homeless in England. In Scotland, 28,226 applications were assessed as homeless and in Wales 7,128 households were threatened with homelessness. Homeless people are over nine times more likely to take their own life than the general population. On average, homeless people in the UK die at just 47 … Continue reading The Hidden Rural Homeless

The Extraordinary Brendan Stone

Professor Brendan Stone is certainly extraordinary. Now in his fifties, Brendan is a Senior Academic Fellow at The University of Sheffield. This is quite a turnaround for a man who at 14 became extremely mentally ill, at 19 was in a mental hospital, at 20 became a suicide survivor and at 23 became homeless. For two decades Brendan lived what he describes as a hard … Continue reading The Extraordinary Brendan Stone

Sunday Prayer: The Holiday

VICAR We are just a week away from Christmas. And we should by now be opening the first boxes of mince pies, sipping the occasional glass of mulled wine and hopefully some of the present wrapping will be out of the way. In our household, Christmas is a no-go zone as my wife dominates the preparations. It’s only after Sunday services (all three of them) … Continue reading Sunday Prayer: The Holiday

Eradicating UK Homelessness: Part 2

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN This is the second and final part of an article published yesterday on Eradicating Homelessness in the UK. The first part can be found here.  Yesterday in Part 1, I explained that the wrong people were at the cutting edge of dealing with the Homelessness problem in Britain. That we should seek to eradicate the problem and not exacerbate it. I promised … Continue reading Eradicating UK Homelessness: Part 2

Eradicating UK Homelessness: Part 1

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN For a myriad of reasons, the miserable issue of Homelessness means a great deal to me. I have spent many hours facing up to this problem in town and countryside. Let’s cut to the chase: Homelessness is not a problem which Rich Britain should ever have to face. I have volunteered in a homeless shelter in the prosperous South East, and in … Continue reading Eradicating UK Homelessness: Part 1