Sunday Prayer: The Holiday


We are just a week away from Christmas. And we should by now be opening the first boxes of mince pies, sipping the occasional glass of mulled wine and hopefully some of the present wrapping will be out of the way.

In our household, Christmas is a no-go zone as my wife dominates the preparations. It’s only after Sunday services (all three of them) on Christmas Day that there’s some family time and a few glasses of red wine sunk to celebrate Jesus’ birth.

We should be cognisant of others, always. And this prayer for Christmas time by Spencer Betz is a good one through which to borrow humility and thanksgiving at a time of year which represents a time of crisis for so many less fortunate than ourselves. As we stuff our faces and toast Season’s Greetings we should be truly thankful.

Have a Blessed Sunday, Dear Readers.


The Holiday Prayer

The sidewalks and the roadways
Have now become my home
Since misfortune somehow found me
I’ve been wandering alone

The coldness and the darkness
Of every passing night
Leads me to a shelter
That for tonight feels alright

You’d not think it’s perfect
It’s loud and space is tight
But if they have a bed for me
It’s perfect for this night

I’m tired, cold and hungry
My body’s wracked with pain
But I’m just a broken spirit
Not a person gone insane

So look at me this Christmas
And thank your lucky stars
That you have what you do have
And don’t bare all these scars

And if the moment strikes you
That to give is to receive
Then you are that one person
That helps me to believe

I believe that I will conquer
All that fate has dealt to me
And I’ll never give up trying
I believe in humanity

So while you sit with family
Gathered ’round your Christmas tree
And open Santa’s presents
I hope you’ll think of me

If there’s one gift you can give me
I will tell you what I’d like
It’s not a giant castle
It’s not a brand new bike

A prayer is all I ask for
A prayer that asks the Lord
To bless those here beside me
The broken, beat, the poor

Ask that He please hear you
In your Christmas prayer
And bless all souls who suffer
So lost and in despair

For myself I ask you nothing
Except this one small prayer
So won’t you take a moment
Bow your head and show you care

Spencer Betz

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