A Prayer for the Sick

VICAR Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that You are well and healthy. If You or loved ones have been struck down by the Coronavirus or any other illness, it is for You that I have included today’s prayer. This week I realised that We have become increasingly immune to the daily death toll announced by Government ministers at the start of their … Continue reading A Prayer for the Sick

For the Atheists

VICAR One of the things I enjoy most in life is debating with atheists. There are many more atheists around these days than when I was a young man. Or, perhaps, after the public announcements of Richard Dawkins and that masterful theologian Ricky Gervais, people are just more confident about publicly stating their atheist beliefs (or should I say non-beliefs). There’s a story I relate … Continue reading For the Atheists

A Prayer For Britain’s Negotiators

VICAR Dear Readers, I wish you, as ever, a peaceful and blessed Sunday. I hope your week to come is full of accomplishment, happiness and progress. With Brexit seemingly inevitable and our lawmakers, diplomats and representatives having to face negotiations which will likely get tricky at times, I thought that this Sunday we should remind ourselves of the power of prayer at the heart of … Continue reading A Prayer For Britain’s Negotiators