A Prayer For Sunshine


Good Day to You, Dear Readers. I wish you a blessed and relaxing Sunday this St Patrick’s Day weekend.

Now that You have recovered from the rugby, You should be outside enjoying some sunshine. Yet it’s cold and wet across most of Britain as I write this Sunday message to You.

So, this week I have decided to pray for sunshine. We’re done with this March cold after such a promising February when we bathed in light. This weather is too grey for me and the daffodils outside could do with some solar assistance.

So, here’s this week’s Sunday Prayer. God Bless You all.


Lord, bathe me every morning in the sunlight of your Word.

Let it shine brightly on my sins, but not to my despair.

Warm my soul with grace.

Direct my steps with truth.

Fill my words with gentleness.

Guide my eyes towards the works you’ve prepared just for me.

Strengthen my heart with courage.

As the earth feels the warmth of the sun, let me feel your love.

As the earth feels the warmth of the sun, let others feel your love from me.

Thank you that I, like the sun, could rise with you this morning.

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