A Prayer For Those Gone Before Us


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that You and Your families are well and healthy.

This is a time of year to survive. When people have overspent at Christmas and seek to rein in spending and girth. It’s also a time of year when cold weather tends to grip the nation. Let us spare a thought for those homeless in this cold weather and let us ponder the plight of so many thousands in the US who are without power in the face of the “bomb cyclone” which has caused devastation and loss of live in the US North East.

As we survive the winter, we should take time to remember that we all die, eventually. So, this Sunday, let us take the time to remember those who have gone before us. Our loved ones and all those who paved the way for our existence by their sacrifice.

Have a wonderful and peaceful Sunday and a good, solid week to come. God Bless.

For those who have gone before us

Seeds planted in your rich pasture

With the hope of life eternal

May their enduring spirit live on

Enriching and empowering our lives

Their love linger

Their presence be near

Until we meet once more.