A Prayer for Italy


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that You are well and that You and Your families are washing your hands at the appropriate times. I hope that You are not too distracted and that work continues apace if You are working. I hope that You get to see Your loved ones regularly. I hope that You are being philosophical and prayerful, at least from time to time.

I do not wish to be the deliverer of weekly public health messages. Nor is it worth panicking or fearing anything. Nonetheless, this is the second week my prayer will have a Coronavirus theme. Next week We’ll focus on another topic, I promise. It is not all I think about. Yesterday I was at the rugby and I assure You the Coronavirus slipped all our minds in the East Stand, especially after Tuilagi was sent off.

This week I would like to pray for Italy. Yes, there are many countries who have been hit hard by Coronavirus and they are all as important. However, Italy is a near neighbour. It’s a country having a rough time of Coronavirus with 16 million of its inhabitants getting quarantined, while Venice and Milan are in lock-down. There are many Brits who have retired there or live and work in Italy too.

Italy has been hit very hard by the virus. Italy has 5883 cases, 1247 new cases cropped up just yesterday and there have been 233 deaths – 36 deaths just yesterday. The situation in Italy is very serious, the disease is in every region of the country and all forecasts point toward them “having tens of thousands of cases by the end of March”.

Speaking to a friend inside the Vatican there is a genuine fear around Italy. Of course most of its people have never known such vicissitudes. It is a sign of how soft We have all become, perhaps, that a virus can cause such panic and reduce us to feeling so human.

While I pray for You and Your families, I ask that You pray for the Italians andOur fellow Christians in the Vatican too. That fear is replaced by brotherhood and sisterhood, by empathy, by hope and by love.

God Bless You All.

Dear Lord,

As Italy suffers from the Coronavirus We pray for our neighbour and friend. That She will rise above the illness and find solace in its wake. We pray for the fearful, for the ruptured relationships and families. We hold deep in Our hearts the Italian people and We pray for their salvation. Please, Lord, in Your spirit release the Italians, and other peoples, from the scourge of the disease by bestowing on Us a vaccine or cure. If that vaccine or cure is already among Us, please Lord let it come forth and be known to those with the power to mass produce it. We are weak, Lord, and do not need reminding. Lord, please hear Our prayer.