Down The System


The ongoing desperate protests after the fact against the victorious Conservatives have the same flavour of the anti-EU protests the country has had to suffer for years. Just like Stormzy claiming the UK was racist, when it’s been established the UK is one of the least racist countries on Earth, all Brexiteers are classed as thick and bigoted. Ridiculous.

Why do they always sell the poor?” Serj Tankian of socialist art metal band System of a Down wailed on the histrionic B.Y.O.B, which was ironic because by that point the band were playing sell out arena tours and were as wealthy as any celebrity pop stars.

When I went to see the band in Brixton in 2002, a far younger and healthier Tankian almost forced the audience to chant FUCK THE SYSTEM! which I politely opted out of doing, not enjoying Tankian’s hypocritical posturing (after all the system gave him everything), or indeed the gig very much.

When will this era of socialist hypocrisy end? Or is socialism conceived with hypocrisy inbuilt?

Fascism is the child of communism as history shows us, and socialist politics operates like a pyramid structure. George Orwell’s classic dystopia 1984 sums up the socialist nightmare perfectly. Those behind Big Brother are living a lovely life, thanks, like Bernie Sanders or Michael Moore – impossibly rich socialist polemicists. To illustrate the frippery of the latter, after years of basically tying her into more conspiracy theories than David Icke, when Trump ran for office Moore claimed that Hilary Clinton would be the greatest president in history.

Eventually reality dawns….

The sad reality is there is such a thing as talent and an IQ quotient, as charisma and natural beauty. If you are lucky enough to tick all these boxes, the capitalist system will actively employ you.

If you are physically weak, vulnerable or physically or mentally ill, Britain remains a country with a robust welfare system and a free NHS which will assist you, but you may not win an Oscar…. or an election for that matter. Still, you can refrain from becoming a victim – and escape the hypocrisy of socialism.

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