Welcoming Committees

BY NIGEL BEAN Early 80s – The old train rattled into Euston. Back then we still had the old slam shut doors that were difficult to open from the inside. I had gone down to London with my old mate Jimmy but we were to part company almost immediately as I was on my way to watch Arsenal v Liverpool and he was off to … Continue reading Welcoming Committees

Hooligans Embarrass Us All

BY JIM BROWNE On the eleventh of April, yet again some of Britain’s football fans went abroad and disgraced the nation. This time they staged a mass brawl, attacked beggars in Madrid’s Plaza Mayor and were filmed chanting “You Spanish b******s, Gibraltar is ours.” In mitigation, Spanish riot police are notorious hotheads and know full well that they can claim personal compensation from fans who … Continue reading Hooligans Embarrass Us All