Hooligans Embarrass Us All

BY JIM BROWNE On the eleventh of April, yet again some of Britain’s football fans went abroad and disgraced the nation. This time they staged a mass brawl, attacked beggars in Madrid’s Plaza Mayor and were filmed chanting “You Spanish b******s, Gibraltar is ours.” In mitigation, Spanish riot police are notorious hotheads and know full well that they can claim personal compensation from fans who … Continue reading Hooligans Embarrass Us All

Marine A Must Walk

BY JIM BROWNE MARINE A, Alexander Blackman from Taunton, has had his murder conviction downgraded to manslaughter. Blackman shot an injured Taliban fighter in Afghanistan and had his murder conviction reduced to manslaughter yesterday by five judges at the Court Martial Appeal Court in London. They heard argument on his behalf that fresh psychiatric evidence would have provided him with a diminished responsibility defence. He … Continue reading Marine A Must Walk

Pointless Comparisons

BY JIM BROWNE Fake news is not difficult to spot. Most of the links that present it in the first place lead you to a site that looks like it’s been put together by dyslexic sixth-formers. Even if a story seems credible, it doesn’t take long to do a Google News Search or cross-reference it against a reliable news gathering source. Distinguishing between what is … Continue reading Pointless Comparisons

Britain’s Bag Curse

BY JIM BROWNE There is undoubtedly an art to decorating trees. During the Christmas season I stay well clear of the tinsel and baubles although I’ll happily step in to sort out the lights if there’s a bulb come loose or, as often happens chez Browne, a mouse in the garage where our lights are stored has munched through a wire. The best decorated trees are the ones … Continue reading Britain’s Bag Curse

Insulting the Countryside

BY JIM BROWNE Since the inception of Country Squire Magazine, there have been the trolls and the sock-puppets, the weird comments and the spam – all those negatives that are part and parcel of a web existence. There was even a twenty-page letter from one oddball, with an obsession for one of our writers, who couldn’t quite work out whether they were offended like Mary Whitehouse … Continue reading Insulting the Countryside

Facelift for UK Coastal Resorts

BY JIM BROWNE With the sad rise of terrorism across Europe and Africa, many British holidaymakers’ favourite resorts are becoming no-go areas for travel. The Foreign Office warns travellers on its website about travelling to once popular destinations such as Sharm-el-Sheikh and the Turkish Riviera. The Angels of Sousse complained, one year on from the Tunisian massacre, that British tourists had deserted them and turned … Continue reading Facelift for UK Coastal Resorts

Countryside Churches Gone by 2025

BY JIM BROWNE I am a church-goer. My wife and I appear weekly at our local Anglican church every Sunday even when it snows. We tend to sit somewhere near the back, especially now as we have a Vicar who likes to get political and I do tend to chunter when he talks nonsense. Our church was built in the Sixteenth Century and the congregation … Continue reading Countryside Churches Gone by 2025

The Countryside Dogging Menace

BY JIM BROWNE I used to take the dogs down to a forest just off the A380 alongside a beautiful old manor house with a view of the sea. There’s a great dog-walking circuit down there. It’s perfectly flat and the views are simply stunning. There’s an obelisk half-way round where you can stop and pour a cup from your flask of hot coffee and, … Continue reading The Countryside Dogging Menace

Countryside Big Cats – Fact or Fiction?

BY JIM BROWNE I have always wondered if sightings of Big Cats in the countryside were real or the result of excitable folk in need of an optician’s appointment mistaking house-moggies for tigers and leopards. I mean, it’s easy enough to make mistakes. On a foggy day, our neighbour in her furry white coat looks like a polar bear. At night, I often mistake the … Continue reading Countryside Big Cats – Fact or Fiction?

BBC Fails the Countryside

BY JIM BROWNE The BBC is ‘institutionally biased against the countryside’ and is, and always has been, ‘the issue’. These were the strong comments of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust Chairman Ian Coghill following the well-publicised furore over BBC presenter Chris Packham and his offensive comments describing those involved in hunting and shooting as “the nasty brigade”. Coghill said the BBC is ‘as far … Continue reading BBC Fails the Countryside