Reluctantly Supporting Rowling

BY FRANK HAVILAND Revenge is a dish best-served cold, so they say, and in these days of unorthodox diets there is something particularly piquant about watching from the wings as your enemies self-cannibalise. J K Rowling is the latest lefty loon ensnared in a trap of her own design, frantically virtue-signalling as the progressive sharks feast upon her. Whatever her undoubted gifts as a writer … Continue reading Reluctantly Supporting Rowling

Pity the Showbiz Sociopaths

BY SAM WHITE First there was Brexit, and now the local elections have confirmed it: the British people are no mugs. To the know-it-all celebrities who have the biggest platforms and the loudest voices, the message has come through loud and clear: screw you. The rich and fabulous love nothing more than to emote tragically on how Brexit is the end of the world, Tories … Continue reading Pity the Showbiz Sociopaths

The Increasing Irrelevance of Celebrity Politics

BY SAM WHITE It’s easy to become frustrated by right-on celebrities like JK Rowling and Gary Lineker. The kind of reverend preachers who dissolve moronically into the regressive left cultural soup like soggy croutons in a rancid onion broth. Aloof, blinkered, and dismissive of the opinions of ordinary people, they seem willing to put lives and liberties in danger for no other reason than to … Continue reading The Increasing Irrelevance of Celebrity Politics