The Gob of Fire


I would have been the last to have guessed that it would be J K Rowling herself – that Queen of Fantasy, revered almost as a deity by hordes of young and impressionable Leftists that had grown up on her expertly spun tales of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The Darling of Fantasy has enjoyed – right up until last week in fact – the almost religious devotion of millions upon millions of Millennial fans of both sexes and of all genders to boot. Ah, but therein lies the rub, Dear Reader, as back in those heady latter days of the last century, Mankind, (or should I use the more inclusive term ‘People-kind’?) was rather neatly divided into two camps. And no I’m not talking Muggles and Pure bloods here. Rather of Men and Women, the Male and Female of the species, who – like the eponymous hero Harry’s ever-expanding world – has grown to encompass some 96 different genders at the last count. Almost as if by magic.

What could have happened last week to have the ire of an entire generation of woolly-headed infantilized adults all crying into their invisibility cloaks as all turned on her at once in a pant-wetting frenzy of so-called ‘Cancel-Culture’?

Dear Reader, it is my solemn duty to inform you, head-bowed under said invisibility cloak, that Our J K of Rowling — she of the Sorting Hat, Our Lady of Hogwarts – is a filthy stinking TERF.

Yes! You hear that right! SHE’S A TERF! BURN THE WITCH!

But seriously folks, this is a brave move by Ms. Rowling, as it has essentially dashed against the rocks every last vestige of her woke credentials in one fell swoop. As I am sure you are aware by now — Transgender people shall literally self-combust in the streets if each one of us does not fuel the sexually motivated fantasy land that exists in their heads no matter how ludicrous they may look on the outside. (I, Kryptonite, should know – as those in the know should know why I should know).

All enlightened people of the early 21st Century know that women have beards and testicles now, and that if you don’t allow them free rein to sashay into the ladies’ changing room at the local swimming baths and whip their tackle out as they change — regardless of whether it happens to be in your six year old daughter’s face or not. If you complain about it, you are just a nasty old bigoted so-and-so who needs to get with the programme. We’re *so* over that binary sexes’ thing now, Boomer, yah?

For too many years now, great swathes of society (99.9% in fact) have had to increasingly tiptoe about the place – in case we, by mistake, misgender some poor soul who is only trying to live their life/pee in peace/be their authentic selves or a veritable litany of some such utter rot in a display of wanton transphobia likely to result in the immediate suicide of the person in question. Even if she is 6’5″ tall, has a three-day beard growth and screams “IT’s MA’AM!” into your face with the kind of ferocity that would make even Alex Ferguson cower.

Hats off to JK, what she has done in stating the bleedin’ obvious represents an enormous crack in the dam of bad will that the Trans Community have brought upon themselves. Never in the whole of Human history has one small section of society ever managed to generate such silent animosity as they gleefully co-opted the pain of genuine transsexuals — people they call ‘Truscum’ (charming) – and fashioned it into a cosh with which to beat the whole of society into a new shape. As a consequence, too many women submitted to the Trans Community’s misogyny and too much of brave and sound feminism cultivated over many hard-fought years became washed away in a wave of insane wokeness.

This crack in the dam is going to burst forth over coming years to wash the public discourse clean and allow all the most lunatic changes in the law to be repealed. I know that the vast majority of ACTUAL women are heaving a massive and collective sigh of relief, as are genuine transsexuals who want no part of this aggressive form of identity politics.

Rowling is right — it doesn’t matter what clothes you choose to wear or who you choose to snog or how you choose to behave, it is IMPOSSIBLE to change sex. End of.

Those that seek out surgery are some of the most deeply unhappy people on the planet, and a large proportion of them didn’t. Why? – they know who, and what they are.

There is no such thing as a ‘feminine penis’, and frankly, the only way that boys become girls and vice versa is because their cretinous virtue signalling parents want a seat at the Rainbow Table of Pure Virtue along with their Leftist Gay mates and their Unicorns. I would also lay my bottom dollar that there isn’t a single person from the Right of politics that has given this frankly bonkers Marxist philosophy the time of day — let alone a second thought!

It’s Vegan Cat Syndrome. Munchhausen by proxy.

The adults? Well, it’s a free world, and they are free to get up to whatever floats their boat, but it’s still not possible to change sex — nor even actual gender. Sadly, for them, the fantasy is over — they must grow up now and understand that there is no such thing as magic.