Mindless Horse Scarers Alert


Boxing Day is always a day to be wary of idiots. There are plenty of them about – often dressed in balaclavas and in black like wannabe Isil cowards. Their currency is fear. They do not care if women or children get caught up in their ideological battle to terrorise hunters or those nearby. They are already notorious.

This year there is a new type of idiot on the prowl. Meet Darren Lake and his multiple chins.



If You own horses and happen to be out for a ride, beware of these types of idiots this Boxing Day and over Christmas time. Rolls of toy gun caps and other infantile bangers are widely available. A scared horse can kill your child. The “fighting back” of the likes of Darren Lake will lead to murder.

Darren Lake appears to be an actor from Devon. His full actor profile can be found here. It is quite possible that the antis are using the profile of an actor to disseminate their tactics this year. It is just as plausible that Darren Lake is an anti. Until told otherwise by his lawyers, we’ll take it that Lake is the caps idiot as his profile seems genuine enough. What’s more important here is the warning message rather than the idiot, whose details have been passed onto Devon & Cornwall police.

Have a Happy Christmas, a brilliant Boxing Day and a splendid 2020.

Take care out there.