Serenwyl Unmasked Part I

BY THE EDITOR PART 1 of 3: Harassment on Steroids When Jamie Foster and I conceived of Country Squire Magazine, over a pint or two of Otter Ale in The Holt in Honiton in 2016, we agreed that our publication would avoid ad hominem pieces against members of the public. They were not the done thing. The magazine would be gentlemanly, living up to its … Continue reading Serenwyl Unmasked Part I

Hunting Leaks: Ministry of Lies

BY THE EDITOR Before this weekend I’d never heard of the group Hunting Leaks. They sound like a plumbing firm or a cabinet audit committee. As it turns out, a brand of incontinence pads would be more applicable. I was amused to hear that this group, replete with balaclava crusties and mad cat women, were so flustered as to concoct a ‘take-down’ of me – … Continue reading Hunting Leaks: Ministry of Lies