An Insight into Online Gambling Regulations in the UK

Gambling is an industry that’s stood the test of time by evolving as the world does. The landscape of online gambling changes on a regular basis due to new technology being implemented into the industry almost constantly. As a result, it’s more important than ever for those involved in its regulation to ensure that changes are benefitting the consumers who are actively playing poker in … Continue reading An Insight into Online Gambling Regulations in the UK

Judicial Secrecy in Scotland

BY IAN MITCHELL The rule of law is at risk in Scotland today as there is a political wind blowing which is not friendly to a reciprocal relationship between the rulers and the ruled. This is by no means confined to Scotland, and the Westminster government has also been criticised for trying to “rule by decree”. But Britain has a robust parliament, which is at … Continue reading Judicial Secrecy in Scotland

Legal Aid for Terror Attack Families

EDITORIAL The Squires are not fond of petitions. Most often – like the petition arranged by Continuity Remain for Britain to stay in the EU – they are abused and skewed. Recently Sir Roger Scruton perhaps chose his words about the Chinese less carefully than he should have but his words on petitions were spot on when he said “tempted by a ‘one-click’ response to … Continue reading Legal Aid for Terror Attack Families

Saunders’ Patchy Reign Over

BY JAMIE FOSTER Alison Saunders has announced she is stepping down as head of the Crown Prosecution Service after five years in post. Hers has been a controversial tenure, leaving behind a mixed legacy. Her main ambition, to secure more convictions in sex cases, has led to a string of failures and near miscarriages of justice. High profile men have had their names dragged through … Continue reading Saunders’ Patchy Reign Over