At Last, Real Conservatism?

BY EFFIE DEANS Liz Truss is attempting to rescue both Britain and the Conservative Party by a supply side revolution involving massive tax cuts. Suddenly after years of Tory centrism and wet mush we have got Friedman and Hayek back as the philosophy behind Kwasi Kwarteng’s thinking. It is not so much quasi-Conservatism as the real thing. This ought to work. If you believe in … Continue reading At Last, Real Conservatism?

Conservative Solutions to the Present Crisis

BY EFFIE DEANS In 2010 the Labour Party was kicked out by the voters and replaced with the Conservative Lib Dem coalition under David Cameron. It was natural for voters to blame Labour for the economic crisis of 2008 and to seek an alternative. Labour had been in power since 1997. If Labour were not to blame who was? So too with the crisis that … Continue reading Conservative Solutions to the Present Crisis

Truss Must Defend the United Kingdom

BY EFFIE DEANS It is now almost certain that Liz Truss will be the next Prime Minister. Unless something very strange happens, Sunak has already lost.  Her first task is to protect the United Kingdom. Any Prime Minister whose action or inaction leads to the break up of the UK will be remembered for that and that alone. The UK is threatened in two ways. One … Continue reading Truss Must Defend the United Kingdom

If Scotland is a Colony, Who are the Colonisers?

BY EFFIE DEANS I don’t know whether the SNP thinks Scotland is a colony, but certainly many if not most independence supporters think this. They often point to a list of countries that have gained independence from the UK and argue that none of them have ever wanted to go back. Most of these countries used to be part of the British Empire. The implication is that … Continue reading If Scotland is a Colony, Who are the Colonisers?

SNP Corruption Comes from the Top

BY EFFIE DEANS Why are there so many tales of corruption and scandal involving Scottish nationalists? Former SNP MP Natalie McGarry has just been convicted of embezzlement and will most likely be jailed. It is a sad story and each of us ought to regret the disgrace and ruin that this individual faces. She could have had a long career as an MP, instead it … Continue reading SNP Corruption Comes from the Top

Cutting off the Branch on Which She Sits

BY EFFIE DEANS When I read that Nicola Sturgeon wants to chop off the bottom of all the classroom doors in Scotland to increase ventilation my first thought was why don’t they open the windows instead? Decades from now as people wander through Scottish schools with doors like no others in the world, they might be curious about the phenomenon of the Scottish door. It … Continue reading Cutting off the Branch on Which She Sits


BY EFFIE DEANS There may have been some former Prime Ministers who were so saintly that everything they said and did in private in 10 Downing Street would have met the standards of probity set by Britain’s media, but I can’t think of one of them. Nor would I or anyone else that I have ever met want to be judged by the content of … Continue reading Mediaocracy

Twitter Might As Well Ban Jesus

BY EFFIE DEANS I had only vaguely heard of US Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene before Twitter banned her. From what little I have read of her I disagree with what she has said about Covid, vaccines and many other issues. But I can only disagree with her if I am allowed to know what she says and thinks. By banning her from expressing non-mainstream opinions … Continue reading Twitter Might As Well Ban Jesus

Banned from Britain

BY EFFIE DEANS How many people who are delivering their daughters to Oxford University are a threat to national security? I can think of no such Dads pulling up to the college in their estate cars packed with clothes and computers blowing themselves up at the gates to our dreaming spires waking them from their slumbers with cries of Jesus is merciful. Good Catholics have … Continue reading Banned from Britain

Only the Terrorist is Guilty

BY EFFIE DEANS Whenever there is a terrorist attack in somewhere like Israel, we are told by the BBC that it carried out by militants. It gives the impression that the far left from the 1980s stopped handing out newspapers to blow himself up. Only when a terrorist attack happens here in Britain will the BBC allow itself to describe it as such. IRA militants … Continue reading Only the Terrorist is Guilty