Pity Online Trolls, Don’t Fear Them

BY TIM DAWSON My trolls and I have one thing in common – we love talking about me. As a Conservative, I’ve attracted my fair share of abuse and vitriol. It’s to be expected. It’s a part of life that, if you stick your head above the parapet, somebody’s going to shoot at it. Threats, graphic sexual remarks, missives to friends. It’s all there in … Continue reading Pity Online Trolls, Don’t Fear Them

Untie the Hands of SIS

BY MATTHEW CORRIGAN I usually, for obvious reasons, carefully edit my articles on Country Squire Magazine. I haven’t with this one and I couldn’t care less. The evening had no business being so beautiful. With a warm May sun still high in the clear blue sky, the walk along the stony hillside path should have been lovely. It wasn’t. Bounding through the clover and dandelions, … Continue reading Untie the Hands of SIS

Protesting the British Way

BY MATTHEW CORRIGAN The village of High Lane lies roughly twelve miles to the south and east of Manchester. It sits, to use a tired cliché beloved of estate agents everywhere, at the point where city meets country. Here some 6000 residents make their home at the very edge of the Greater Manchester conurbation. Despite straddling the busy A6, High Lane enjoys an unusual situation … Continue reading Protesting the British Way