Shady McGrady

BY JAMES BEMBRIDGE One of the more memorable lines from David Lynch’s Blue Velvet – perhaps because the film contains so few – is Isabella Rossellini saying: ‘You put your disease in me’. That was of course a reference to rape. So why am I reminded of that line when reading less poetic ones in newspapers detailing the National Trust’s – more leap than lurch … Continue reading Shady McGrady

The Centrist Provocateur

BY JAMES BEMBRIDGE It is one of life’s great mysteries: how much of the BBC’s anti-Britishness is due to Marxist subversion and how much is merely the perfunctory prattishness of liberals? Probably it is more of the latter but with enough of the former to ensure that incidents like the recent Proms controversy will continue to rile the average TV licence payer. Despite their latest … Continue reading The Centrist Provocateur

The Prism

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN The Oppressor and the Oppressed. This is the way that those Hard Left Labour people think. Call their disease liberation theory or postmodern neo Marxism. Call it what you will. This is the rigid prism through which Labour acolytes in Britain in May 2019 see the world. How it must be draining. Just as reading the output from the likes of David … Continue reading The Prism