The Prism


The Oppressor and the Oppressed. This is the way that those Hard Left Labour people think. Call their disease liberation theory or postmodern neo Marxism. Call it what you will. This is the rigid prism through which Labour acolytes in Britain in May 2019 see the world.

How it must be draining. Just as reading the output from the likes of David Lammy, Polly Toynbee and Owen Jones is hair-pullingly exhausting. One wonders how graduates can be so wrong so often. These commentators become an inverse barometer which states sunny for rain and rainy for sunshine. As wrong as two left shoes.

For in their world men cannot suffer sexism. White people don’t suffer racism. White men do not suffer at all in their hierarchy of oppressor and oppressed. Their hierarchy contains levels for those who experience “multiple repression”. Aligned to this is the peculiar view that only those experiencing repression are allowed to say that that is what it is.

Who invented this nonsense? Who contrived this Gordian knot? Intersectionality has no red lines, so its creep – oiled by sinister moral relativism – could never be containable. The great flaw of Identity Politics is that it eats itself – men running as women spoiling women’s liberation, Islamists marching for Palestine with gay Corbynites (wolves walking alongside their meals).  So this perverse ideology strait jackets its adherents, leaving them with racism and sexism as grenades, which are still no match for white men; easier to lob these days, in the twilight of this bonkers version of Marx and Gramsci, at other intersections marked by increasingly insane crossovers.

(We must all have an eye on a wall against which we might ask to be shot for wrong think should these crazies ever reach Downing Street with their Turkish suitcases full of dungarees and Castro shell suits.)

People wonder why the Lammys, Jones and other acolytes shout so loud. Their limited approach has the inevitable consequence of a siege mentality with inflexible views on who exactly partakes in their perceived siege. Like going into a cricket match, with all its nuance and innumerable parameters, wearing a full-face gimp mask. Little wonder the rigidity of their self-imposed blindsiding leads to chaos, infighting and schism as genuine concerns about discrimination get dismissed and would-be comrades alienated. How is it ever feasible – through their prism – for people or groups to be both oppressors and oppressed depending on the context?

Which brings me to the most obvious Achilles heel of these Marxist lunatics. Antisemitism.

People wonder why antisemitism is so rife amidst Labour’s Hard Left ranks. And the answer is staring us in the face. Antisemitism doesn’t fit into their prism, by any definition save their own.

For Jews are a minority and a majority. They have “too much power” in New York but too little power in Sudan. They perpetuate the millennium-old consciousness of marginalisation in memories of the Holocaust and yet the tunes of Lenny Krawitz and Billy Joel are ubiquitous. Israel is an oppressor – so say the Hard Left, whose Marxism has so invigorated the Jew-detesting Muslim Brotherhood – so no Jew can be a victim, as the prism says “no”. So it’s impossible for a Corbyn-led Labour Party so drunk on Derrida and Foucault to possibly ever truly accept definitions of antisemitism cooked up by Jews.

Jews are the unplayable googly for the Hard Left. Continuing antisemitism is the result. Britain doesn’t accept racism. Britain will never accept antisemitism, so the Hard Left will never achieve their dreams of power – if they did, they would be resisted in all ways. Without the prism it’s obvious to sane people that antisemitic insults are gruesome. But to those blinkered by the prism, antisemitic talk is only part seen. It’s all victim against oppressor, so it’s at least partly tolerable.

A broader definition of racism and sexism – of discrimination – is only viable beyond their prism. Therefore Labour antisemitism is here to stay as long as the Hard Left – with its myopic Marxist tendencies – continue to suck on the public teat and taint our media and politics.

Shame on them. They are the racists. Shame on us for letting them anywhere near our government or our children (did you know there is a Kids’ Momentum – I kid you not). Shame on them for ever calling innocents oppressors.

Prejudice in today’s world – where enlightenment is a mere click away – is reserved for dimwits and bigots. Be gone with you and your wretched prism, you shameful reds and those identity politickers in other parties! Follow your Pied Piper into the river or open your eyes. Embrace nuance and trade-offs, or perish deservedly under the weight of your errant, Manichean calculations.