Patriotism is a Beautiful Thing

BY ALEX STORY Patriotism is a beautiful thing. It is even more so when it is natural and spontaneous. The Jubilee gave most who are free from political motivations the opportunity to bathe shamelessly in the warm and comfortable waters of our rich inheritance. On one level, we celebrated the person of the Queen; on another, the Great British family, of which we are all … Continue reading Patriotism is a Beautiful Thing

Bringing Back Patriotism

BY SAM HOOPER Open Borders zealots and anti-immigration hawks could yet come to a pragmatic compromise that works for all, if only they stopped viewing the immigration debate as a zero-sum, existential war. This Texas town shows the potential fruits of such compromise. One of the nicest things about having moved from Britain to the United States is the fact that I now live in … Continue reading Bringing Back Patriotism