Tackling Danger on Rural Roads

BY RUPERT MATTHEWS Our rural roads are plagued with people disregarding speed limits. Cars, vans and lorries race through our tiny villages with little to no consideration of the danger they put themselves or others in as they do so. Fatal accidents are four times as likely on rural A roads as they are on urban A roads. In village after village, the speed limit … Continue reading Tackling Danger on Rural Roads

Reviving Rural Policing

BY RUPERT MATTHEWS In 2019, rural crime cost the UK £54.3million, the highest total cost in eight years with every region in the country seeing an increase in rural crime. Rebecca Davidson, Rural Affairs Specialist for the NFU, wrote the following in the NFU’s 2020 Rural Crime Report: ‘Rural crime is like a wave as organized criminality spreads through our villages, farms and fells, affecting … Continue reading Reviving Rural Policing