Lead into Darkness?

BY MARK CRUDGINGTON Have the British shooting public been led into a miasma of confusion that may lead to the end of the shooting of live quarry as we know it? In modern cancel culture the opportunity to “ban” time-tested methods to assuage a “green” agenda seems increasingly common. In the case of lead in ammunition there have been reports produced for years on the … Continue reading Lead into Darkness?

Animal Rights Criminality Part 2

BY NIGEL BEAN & PAUL READ In part one we discussed the violent abuse that circus folk received at the hands of animal rights groups and discovered it was these groups that inflicted acts of cruelty on animals, so they could film the abuse they dished out – and lay the blame on the circuses. Particularly disturbing was Labour’s unswerving support for these crooks to … Continue reading Animal Rights Criminality Part 2

Good & Bad Circuses

BY DR MARTHE KILEY-WORTHINGTON There are bad circuses just as there are bad pet keepers, zoo owners, parents, and teachers. However this does not mean that circuses of their nature or any of these other enterprises, cause suffering to animals or humans. It means that there must be legislation to ensure that they improve and are helped to provide a life where neither the animals … Continue reading Good & Bad Circuses

Labour’s Rural Ponzi Scheme

BY NIGEL BEAN & PAUL READ Animal rights charities need campaigns to generate income. Labour politicians need doors of opportunity opened for when they leave politics, and a comfortable position in an animal rights charity is always a valuable incentive. To achieve these aims a Ponzi style scheme has been developed over the years: Labour MPs are at the centre of this Ponzi style scheme … Continue reading Labour’s Rural Ponzi Scheme

Fox Karma

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN When fox hunting was banned in the UK in 2005 many rural dwellers (some 17% of Britons live rurally) were livid. Meanwhile the minority of townies who even cared felt warm and virtuous imagining sweet, furry foxes roaming the vast British countryside, protected. Certainly, there was much celebratory clinking of wine glasses in Islington. After all, they had given Fantastic Mr Fox … Continue reading Fox Karma

A Trail of Lies & Money

BY NIGEL BEAN & PAUL READ Our Parliament and democracy are revered across the globe by a great many nations, and are the envy of many people suffering under corrupt government or dictatorship. Our Grandfathers fought long and bitter wars so we could have the freedom of choice in who governs us. To some individuals though it can appear our system has a major flaw – … Continue reading A Trail of Lies & Money

What role the RSPCA in a post-truth world?

BY JAMIE FOSTER Apparently the editors of the Oxford English Dictionary have decided that ‘Post-truth’ is the ‘Word of 2016’. They define post-truth as ‘relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.’ The media coverage of the release of the EFRA Committee Report on Animal Welfare in England: Domestic Pets … Continue reading What role the RSPCA in a post-truth world?