Labour’s Rural Ponzi Scheme


Animal rights charities need campaigns to generate income. Labour politicians need doors of opportunity opened for when they leave politics, and a comfortable position in an animal rights charity is always a valuable incentive. To achieve these aims a Ponzi style scheme has been developed over the years:

Labour MPs are at the centre of this Ponzi style scheme – they often share the same personality traits and disorders as the small minority of animal rights fanatics. The only marked difference is that they have gained a position where they can powerfully impose their ideology on others. They are MPs for themselves and their personal causes first; helping fellow mankind is secondary. Usually well-off, they have no connection to the working classes and know they will make little difference to the life of working class folk. It’s worth noting sociopaths are the first to offer assistance when someone is in trouble.

This is how their Ponzi scheme works – animal rights (AR) charities feed a small minority of usually but not always left-wing AR fanatical keyboard warriors in urban areas with graphic images or cleverly-spun PR showing supposed or claimed scenes of cruelty. This small minority of fanatics are highly susceptible to this kind of PR and a picture of just a cheery-faced huntsman sat on his horse at a hunt meet is interpreted as one of him grinning because he has just illegally delighted at watching a fox torn apart.

These highly imaginative AR fanatics are then encouraged to donate and raise funds by the animal rights charities and to write to and email their local MP. As the small minority of AR fanatics are largely urban-based, they can pretty much guarantee Labour MPs are the recipients of this letter-writing and email campaign. This task the fanatics set about with vigour as if possessed, writing a constant stream of letters on different animal welfare-related issues.

The Labour MP can now cash in a dual benefit – he can legitimately claim his cause is supported by the clear majority of the public and they can legitimately feel good about themselves as they are now in a position to believe they are responding to public concern. The Labour MP can then use his new-found legitimacy and consult with the animal rights charities and organisations over his constituents’ concerns and dream up an animal welfare policy which usually prohibits some practice or other which they hope to enact if they gain power. However, it’s largely irrelevant if they fail, as the longer the campaign goes on the better; more income can be generated and greater the amount of PR to splash across the papers. They partially banned hunting and told shooting their sport is safe but now shooting is the target. Circuses were given the all clear over any welfare concerns four years ago – a new excuse has been found to target them. A cycle of never-ending campaigns is needed to generate income and pay the wage Bill of CEO`s in these charities – Labour MPs will always be laying a nest egg for when they leave politics.

The term parasite is a harsh one but it is unquestionably the best one to describe Labour MPs and the AR charities who generate little or no wealth for the country but hope to make money for themselves by accusing those who work in the multi-billion pound farming and shooting industries as cruel using insidious and toxic campaigns.

Labour MPs who go along with these campaigns are saying the clear majority of farmers are cruel because they support the culling of badgers to prevent bTB. They attempt to avert this accusation by targeting the practice itself as cruel and – make no mistake – they are accusing most farmers of being cruel.

Apparently, Labour would like a foot hold in the countryside. Apparently, Labour want to win the election in 50 days’ time.

You know what to do.

Nigel & Paul’s excellent report, A Trail of Lies & Money, can be read in full here at the Aldenham. It is well worth a read if just to see what a mess the Labour Party has got into regarding policy and issues related to hunting. 

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  1. It’s not just the animal charities. Look at Brendan Cox and how Save the Children has been infiltrated. National Trust, Oxfam etc. Charities being used as political cash cows. Either fund parties by the state or end up with the poorer ones ripping us off. Look at the Co-op scandal earlier featuring in these pages.

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