Always Destined to Fail

CSM EDITORIAL When the dust has settled after Brexit and we look back on our recent history as a nation we will be able to laugh at just how peculiar and preposterous the failed second referendum campaign was. So let’s take a sneak peek now at where the well-funded, die-hard Remain activists went wrong: First, they chose damaged leaders. Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell are … Continue reading Always Destined to Fail

The Real Project Fear

BY MARK JONES This new round of Project Fear by the Treasury, BBC and Bank of England has become something of a joke with Brexiteers. Oh no! UK £150bn worse off if No Deal #Brexit. May I humbly advise the Government no-one is listening anymore. Timed out. — Ruth Lea (@RuthLeaEcon) November 27, 2018 The treasury is claiming that there will be £150bn in … Continue reading The Real Project Fear

The Quiet Revolution

BY DAVID EYLES A rarely spotted phenomenon, sometimes acknowledged by one or two of the more astute political pundits, is that the Labour Party has moved away from its core of working-class voters. The leadership has now fully embraced the demands of its middle and upper-middle class hierarchy and has gone full-on Quinoa Marxist. However, the Labour Party is not alone, because the Conservative Party has also … Continue reading The Quiet Revolution

The False Allure of EU Referendum II

BY SAM HOOPER Beguiled by the irresistible prospect of overturning Brexit before it even happens, many Remainers are even more oblivious to the consequences of forcing and winning a second referendum than Brexiteers were to the fallout from victory in the first. What would actually happen in the event that there was a second EU referendum? Unforgiving timescales mean that the prospect of a second vote may … Continue reading The False Allure of EU Referendum II