Always Destined to Fail


When the dust has settled after Brexit and we look back on our recent history as a nation we will be able to laugh at just how peculiar and preposterous the failed second referendum campaign was. So let’s take a sneak peek now at where the well-funded, die-hard Remain activists went wrong:

First, they chose damaged leaders. Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell are forever tainted by Kelly and Iraq. Roland Rudd is more at home in Davos than Stoke. Gina Miller comes across as a sneering, elitist snob. Lord Adonis is the Mr Muscle of shrill irrelevance. Gary Lineker is detested by the sound for speaking out of his rear on anything apart from Wendyball. Bob Geldof has become in latter years the personification of tragic loss. AC Grayling was unknown, while journalist remoaners topped off this unholy alliance – looking down on the populus with disdain and lumping all Brexiteers together as the great unwashed. Having their words backed up by ball-dropping EU leaders as cartoon-friendly as Juncker, Verhofstadt and Third Reich Selamyr simply reinforced their losing position.

Second, they were plain nasty. Campbell’s The New European encapsulates their nastiness: talk of gammon started the downward spiral, then of “oldsters” which was followed by the macabre Deatherendum website. Remainers across Britain disassociated from this nastiness and many reunited with Brexit-voting friends. The second referendum crowd loved doing-down Britain and attracted naysayers – none worse than gobshite extraordinaire Terry Christian, whose arrogance and faithlessness was attacked on Question Time: 

Third, the MPs who came out supporting the misnomer “People’s Vote” were obvious bandwagonners. Who had heard of Anna Soubry before Brexit? Justine Greening and Nicky Morgan were b-raters at best. Greens were involved – guaranteed voter repellent. Chukka Ummuna was the best known and most eloquent of them all but he dropped out of the Labour leadership race in peculiar circumstances and lost to Corbyn, so he too carried loser baggage in the public’s eyes. None of these MPs carried the weight of the Brexiteer MPs – in or out of Parliament. Having Sadiq Khan plastering the tube with People’s Vote livery simply reinforced the exurbanite impression of them and us.

Fourth, just look at the associated muppets. That dreadful guitar-playing twit Madeleina Kay would drive anyone to become a Brexiteer with her dreadful twanging and whining. The bloke in the top hat hanging around College Green – hilariously called Mr Bray – who interrupted news bulletins, annoyingly, with his silly signs. The whiny, condescending voices on Twitter who wrote off Britain with every tweet – Femi Nobody, Otto French, Ian (D)unt, Hugo Rifkind, Dan Snow – whose negativity simply hardened the Brexit core. The second vote crew’s infighting has been something to behold – you can’t put a cohesive team together comprised of the disdainful disdained; of the elite, nobodies and weirdos (as shrill #FBPE became).


Finally, the media, which seemed all pro Remain and dutiful messengers for Project Fear, save the Express, Dacre’s Mail, Guido, Neil, The Spectator and a few other media operations running against the Remoan tide led by the FT and other pink newspapers. Brits love to be told they can’t – they bloody well will. Just watching Channel 4 News once a week turned waverers into hardened Brexiteers – the national nervous breakdown suffered by luvvies like Jon Snow was a joy to behold for those who have taken some punches in the real world.

Of course, the second referendum nuts may still have their day – however, it seems increasingly unlikely as the opinion that a second referendum is undemocratic and will result in civil unrest seems ubiquitous. More likely, the post mortem of their failed campaign will tarnish the aforementioned participants for life; many of whom were already tarnished for life, so had little to lose and everything to gain from these years of Brexit distraction.