The Real Project Fear


This new round of Project Fear by the Treasury, BBC and Bank of England has become something of a joke with Brexiteers.

The treasury is claiming that there will be £150bn in lost output over 15 years under No Deal, with Theresa May’s plan costing £40bn.

The treasury was proved wrong after the referendum in 2016. It will likely be proved wrong again if there’s a no deal in four months. It doesn’t matter if this figure’s right or if it will cost twice this. May’s deal surrenders British territory & confiscates permanently from British voters any influence over the key laws that govern their lives. That means more than money.

Already the blood of Brexiteers is boiling.

Meanwhile the deluded minority over at the oddly-named People’s Vote seem to be gaining in confidence. Alongside their much-derided hashtags they even have a battle bus full of non entities and a peculiar fellow dressed in Euro blue who appears behind TV interviews on Westminster Green. But what the hell are these anti-democratic jokers playing at?

This townie Second Referendum brigade need to wake up. NOW. They are playing with fire.

First, they need to understand the reality of the parliamentary system. Constitutional experts Vernon Bogdanor and Lord Kerslake both agreed on Monday’s Today Programme that there is no way for Parliament to force a second referendum without a cooperative executive. The last referendum took several months to legislate for, so – even if the executive folded against the will of the REAL People’s Vote in 2016 – there would be little time to avoid a No Brexit exit on March 29th 2019.

Second, just for one minute IMAGINE the plans that are no doubt already underway across these islands to unleash HELL on Britain and Europe should the executive even begin to consider a second referendum…

The lorries backed up on the M20 turning that motorway into a “giant lorry park for years” – part of Project Fear’s “no deal” scenario – is as nothing compared to what will happen when every significant thoroughfare, including the M25, gets blocked by Brexiteer trucks, tankers and tractors, while others who trustingly voted for Brexit will do their best to expand the gridlock to the railways and the airports. Those with a chainsaw will fell trees and telegraph poles in significant hotspots to block roads and railways.

Supposedly the greatest threat to the UK on the Joint Intelligence Committee’s threat list is a massive dump of snow – they are bright enough and have probably already replaced that by “sclerosis caused by a second referendum Brexiteer blockade using vehicles, felled trees and other obstacles”.

Imagine the under-policed Northern towns. The German supermarkets will be obstructed and looted while the garages of Mercedes, Volkswagen, Renault and BMW dealers will mysteriously burn down overnight. Banco Santander will have its windows smashed and be put out of action. EON and EDF vans will have their tyres slashed and USwitch will be very busy. The boycott of European goods will be ubiquitous. Irish milk and dairy produce won’t get anywhere near the UK, as a massive flare up of Unionist revolt inflames old tensions on the Northern Irish border and across Ireland. The London riots of 2011 will be small beer compared to the civil war of a reaction from disgruntled individuals who can no longer trust in the once potent “democratic will” of the British people.

Let’s imagine further … if we dare. Someone has to point out to these Second Referendum idiots the fury they are bound to unleash.

If Labour supports a second referendum, expect its offices to be trashed. Police – who are already understaffed – will end up calling in an army dominated by Brexiteers who are hardly going to go out of their way to assist Remoaners while Westminster’s business is put on ice for reasons of security.

Let’s not imagine how bad this REAL PROJECT FEAR could become. There will be pitch battles across the land and violent people power that once seemed banished forever – deemed manageable with a tax cut and a cup of tea – will re-emerge like a wrecking ball in Britain, damaging our lives, our economy and our nation’s reputation forever. Families will be further divided and communities scarred like they haven’t been for many decades.

Remoaners will simply have to wake up and suck up a no deal. You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look REAL fear in the face. A no deal Brexit – perhaps a negotiated one if the EU wake up and put people before politics – is the only course of action once May’s ship hits its iceberg on the 10th December. A second referendum will unleash HELL that Brits do not deserve to face; an outcome no one should desire or encourage.

That, Readers, is the REAL PROJECT FEAR.

So, let’s cut out Project Fear on both sides shall we? And just get on with leaving the EU. If we face some tough years with a no deal Brexit, good – the experience will unify us as our neighbours who have declared they want to see us suffer will have the smile wiped off their faces when we soon roar past their economies, free from the burden of their failing union and bureaucratic burdens.

Guest Writer Mark Jones is a farmer from North Wales.