The Truth On Immigration

BY EFFIE DEANS There has been quite a lot of attention recently to people crossing the Channel in dinghies, but the story needs to be put in perspective. In 2019 612,000 people moved to the UK (immigration) while 385,000 left the UK (emigration). There were 34,000 asylum applications. So far this year about 4000 people have arrived by crossing the Channel. The number of people … Continue reading The Truth On Immigration

Takes One To Know One

BY JOHN ISMAEL Corbyn’s Labour’s abject failures of recent weeks have exposed their true colours: anti-Semitic, America/Britain-hating, dismissive of all military action (making redundant the UK’s military and nuclear deterrent) and scarily incapable of saying anything bad about Russia. Their stances on both the Skripal poisoning and Syria attack are risible. Time-travel this rabble back to 1940 and they’d be lined up against a wall … Continue reading Takes One To Know One

A Prayer For Syria

VICAR Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, We awake this morning to news of yet another chemical attack in Syria. However bad our own circumstances may be, perhaps through illness or stress, Syria seems to be an endless series of disasters these days. Today let us remember the Syrian people in our prayers. In particular its persecuted Christians. I wish You all a peaceful Sunday … Continue reading A Prayer For Syria

Labour Red Flagged

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN As Guido pointed out yesterday morning, John McDonnell yesterday claimed he didn’t know that hammer and sickle and pro-Assad flags were flying above his head as he addressed a May Day rally – despite standing just yards away from them. McDonnell was asked if he knew the flags were in his vicinity as he spoke: “No, of course I didn’t know” he told … Continue reading Labour Red Flagged

Syria the Hopeless

BY ASGHAR KHAN While many in the West celebrated Thursday’s US strikes on the Syrian air force base in North West Syria, it was depressing to see among those congratulating President Trump the likes of the White Helmets and al Nusra (an al Qaeda Islamist affiliate). The so-called “Rebels” are just as bad as Assad and he is right to call them terrorists. For those … Continue reading Syria the Hopeless

A Midwinter Moment

BY JAMIE FOSTER I must apologise to the loyal readership of Country Squire Magazine for my recent inclement humour and brief period of absence. I came recently and unexpectedly upon a grief that I had not anticipated reacquainting myself with; and a sudden loneliness that I shall not trouble you to bear. Suffice it to say I am indebted to my friends for their indulgence. … Continue reading A Midwinter Moment