Syria the Hopeless


While many in the West celebrated Thursday’s US strikes on the Syrian air force base in North West Syria, it was depressing to see among those congratulating President Trump the likes of the White Helmets and al Nusra (an al Qaeda Islamist affiliate). The so-called “Rebels” are just as bad as Assad and he is right to call them terrorists.

For those who believe that US attacks will do anything to change the situation on the ground, save perhaps preventing Assad from using chemical weapons, they must think again: the US nor its allies should be getting involved in trying to save Syria, which is set up to be a bloody fight until the last man’s standing. There will be no successful talks while predators roam; this is a fight to the death between warring parties who will kill and divide in a vicious cycle until their energies are spent.

We’ve seen the likes of Syria before. Look at the Algerian Civil War which lasted between December 1991 and February 2002. The war has been referred to as ‘the dirty war’ and saw extreme violence and brutality used against civilians. Islamists targeted journalists, over 70 of whom were killed, and foreigners, over 100 of whom were killed, although it is thought by many that security forces as well as Islamists were involved, as the government infiltrated the insurgents. Total fatalities have been estimated to be a range of different values from 44,000 to between 100,000 and 200,000.

The Algerian Civil War ended with Islamist killing Islamist; illiterate goatherds killing their neighbours because they were sure that their version of Islam was the only divine and absolute one. Such are wars between Islamists… even when Alawite Assad has gone, the remaining Islamist entities will battle it out because they will never agree and there will be countless civilian deaths until the violence finally peters out.

In other words, the West can forget Syria. Making Assad think again about using chemical weapons is the limit of Trump’s power in Syria (actually, in itself a noble cause for which the new US President deserves credit). Trump can perhaps force the control and flow of refugees and force the Saudis and Turkey to step up their refugee policies. However, becoming al Qaeda’s air force never made any ethical or tactical sense for the United States at any time in the last four years, and it makes even less sense now.

The West has been getting most of its news from rebels on the ground in Syria and has been sold a pup.

Don’t believe me? Then watch the video below. It is self-explanatory. As the rebels lose territory to Assad, their lies are exposed by foreign journalists. And we realise both sides are just as bad as each other. Intervention is a waste of money and merely delays the inevitable Islamist versus Islamist end battle to come. Many of those “help a refugee” charities have been (mostly knowingly) supplying medication and supplies to these rebels, who support al Qaeda. The reality is as depressing as any war in human history; confused by extremist religion, foreign interference and laced with propaganda.

See for yourself. These images do not lie:

2 thoughts on “Syria the Hopeless

  1. This is a good and balanced take on the Syria crisis. All sides as bad as each other. Foreign armies would do best to keep out except when clinically extricating Daesh, who are the only threat in the mix to the West.

  2. Well written Asghar. Trump would be nuts to get involved in Syria in any significant way. Let them kill each other until they run out of energy. Islamists should see it as their duty to the Ummah to go join them.

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