BY STEPHEN PAX LEONARD What is it like being a Eurosceptic at a British university? The Common Room was full of snuff-coloured indefinite suits and strange phlegmatic noises coming from behind Broadsheets. Tonight it was Schools Dinner – the one occasion in the year when students were allowed in the Senior Common Room and soon the place would be filled with young graduands in black … Continue reading Outlander

University Greed

BY JAMIE FOSTER A Daily Mail investigation has revealed that top universities are using wealth screening organisations to spy on their alumni to discover if they are likely to make donations. Millions of graduates have had their details passed to such organisations. If their consent wasn’t obtained to do this, then the universities may have broken the law. A number of charities were fined last … Continue reading University Greed

Too Many UK Universities

BY ALEXIA JAMES Ahead of Wednesday’s budget, Chancellor Philip Hammond has talked about up-scaling Britain’s workforce for a tech-driven, post-Brexit future. He has mentioned making Britain “match-fit” to ease the nation’s reliance on immigrants to fill the jobs of the future. It was John Major when he was Prime Minister who expanded university entrance to the masses; re-branding the old polytechnics into universities and reinventing … Continue reading Too Many UK Universities