The Country Walk

BY JOHN DYER Up Grongar Hill I labor now, And reach at last his bushy brow. O, how fresh, how pure the air! Let me breathe a little here; Where am I, Nature? I descry Thy magazine before me lie! Temples and towns and towers and woods, And hills and vales and fields and floods, Crowding before me, edged around With naked wilds and barren … Continue reading The Country Walk

The Benefits of Walking

BY BEN EAGLE ‘’I think that I cannot preserve my health and spirits, unless I spend four hours a day at least—and it is commonly more than that—sauntering through the woods and over the hills and fields, absolutely free from all worldly engagements.’’ Henry David Thoreau, Walking   Since I discovered his works as an undergraduate I have regularly enjoyed losing myself in the writing … Continue reading The Benefits of Walking