March of Madness


So, the day after President Trump’s inauguration, millions of women and some men marched across the world because their preferred candidate lost an election in the United States of America.  Any other reasons for the march given by organisers – women’s rights or gay rights – are lies. This march only occurred because Hillary Clinton lost.

I have no issue with people expressing their right to demonstrate, PEACEFULLY, but I do object to sore losers throwing a tantrum. As a gay man I also object to whining fools hijacking the gay rights cause, especially when Donald Trump has shown no inclination whatsoever to discriminate against gays.

What a waste of a reason for mobilising so many millions!

Of all the terrible things happening to women in the world – oppression, torture, kidnapping, rape, breast cancer – these people chose to protest against a democratically elected leader in a country where encountering the things they claimed to be protesting about rarely, if ever, happens.

The same type of protest happened in the U.K:

In 2015, when the Conservative Party was elected to power with a majority, there were shouts of “this’ll affect gay rights”. Even though the then Prime Minister David Cameron actually introduced gay marriage, the aggrieved Left began protesting in the streets and defaced a war memorial.  The protest was purely down to the fact they lost the elections.

To put this in perspective, 1,400 young girls were raped in Rotherham where a Labour council presides. Nobody protested.

Any rubbish these march organisers spout about protecting women is immediately undermined by their silence when women are genuinely suffering.

Those marching on Saturday couldn’t organise a two-ticket raffle. There were arguments between organisers about white women being at the front. Then Michael Moore controversially led one of the marches. Then, perhaps most bizarrely, Madonna, a woman that offered oral sex to any man who voted for Hillary, confessed she’d thought about blowing up the White House – just to prove how tolerant and democratic she was! (Poor Madge is now being investigated by the US authorities).

The Trump Administration has made clear that rioters now face fines and jail time – in contrast to the Obama Administration’s reluctance to prosecute rioters.

With a bit of luck the rioters will get some serious thinking time, as well as a chance to grow up.



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