The Fashionable Flat Cap


Flat caps have been the ultimate symbol of British country style for a number of years and continue waving the style flag with multiple celebrities making them their headgear of choice.

The tweed flat cap once carried English hunting overtones, but it has migrated out of the countryside and looks good in nearly any setting. It has been worn by everybody from American newsboys (successfully) to the Norwegian curling team at the 2014 winter Olympics (less so). Nowadays women wear the flat cap as well and it looks great on children too.

Men respond best to the flat cap because it’s an elegant take on a sporting look, more elevated than a baseball cap but less formal than a fedora. It’s the head-wear of choice for men who want a hat that’s not showy and which serves its purpose well in winter months.

It’s a hat that suits all ages, and has been embraced by men as diverse as Prince Charles and Dennis Hopper. The Scots are fond of the flat cap which they call a bunnet and in Scotland the flat cap is often associated with the working class whereas in England it’s popular across all classes. The flat cap comes in many fabrics and styles, so suits most winter attire.

Here Country Squire Magazine looks at the best styles and shapes for 2017, as sported by today’s male fashion icons:


David Beckham sports a Baker Boy cap now he’s back in the UK


Brad Pitt tends to go for a driver flat cap but has been seen in tweed flats 


Here Jason Statham sports the 8 panel newsboy cap
Ian Wright in his coppola storta / Baker Boy cap


Robbie Williams goes for the Peaky Blinders Jay Gatsby eight panel cap


Jon Hamm prefers a traditional flat cap


What’s the best place to buy them?

Not on the internet. As sizes vary massively online and standardisation has been messed up completely by imports from the subcontinent and China.

As with most fashion and clothing, you are still far better off walking into a country clothing store or gunsports store where they have a good collection of styles and sizes. On long walks there may be times you feel the need to doff your cap to a passer-by or take it off to let some steam off. It’s definitely worthwhile making sure you get a flat cap fitted.

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