SCOOP: Tim Farron Praises Farage


It looks like some poor lady called Jane, the constituency assistant of Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron, is for the chop.

A confidential email tracked down, and confirmed by IP, to Farron’s constituency office at Acland House, Yard 2, Stricklandgate, Kendal, has been sent out to the wrong email address on behalf of Tim Farron himself.

The email destined for the private email account of Sarah OLNEY, the Lib Dem MP for Richmond Park, titled Red Flags: FYEO (For Your Eyes Only) was mistakenly sent to Sarah OLNER, a Green-voting animal rights spokesperson from Kent. The email was passed onto a friend of Country Squire Magazine on Wednesday, just after Article 50 was invoked.


Sarah Olney MP

And, who’d have thunk it?

Tim Farron not only has sympathy for Nigel Farage, he veritably admires the man. Describing Farage as “more eloquent than all of us and the only political box-office in the British Isles these days except for (Theresa) May”.

Farage quote

Worse for Farron, he clearly admits here that he’s playing the British People for fools by exploiting Remainers. Farron also seems to have some sway over his Liberal Democrat colleague Tom Brake, the MP for Carshalton.


Tom Brake MP

The errant email makes for a fascinating read:


Hi Sarah,

Further to our discussion with Team Westminster earlier, these are my thoughts:

I was a proud supporter of Charles Kennedy when he led his MPs into the lobbies against an illegal war in Iraq on the basis of a dossier that sought to contrive a threat where none existed. This war has cast a long shadow over Britain’s role in the world and has severely damaged the confidence that the British people have in our intelligence services and the decisions of our Prime Ministers. I am not going to let the same British people be hoodwinked by Brexiteers who have no idea what fate meets us.

We are running a big risk that now Art. 50 has been invoked there will be national unity behind May & the Tory Government and our party’s position as the Remain option will no longer be a viable one at the ballot box. Sticking to our guns we may seem divisive to an increasing number of voters who voted Remain but want some peace and see Juncker as the enemy rather than Brexit.

We cannot rule out a UKIP surge if the Europeans play hardball. I can see Nigel Farage returning as UKIP leader and causing us real damage, as well as putting the Labour Party in its coffin. We would be foolhardy to underestimate Farage: he is popular, more eloquent than all of us and the only political box-office in the British Isles these days except for May. I am hoping the Tories work out a peerage for him and we see the back of him for good but they know how useful he is against us and Labour so are keeping him hanging on.

You are the most high profile Remain Liberal Democrat in the party, except Nick,  because of your victory in Richmond. I think it for the best, as your seat is temporary as we discussed, that you take on the Brexit brief with Nick. And try and blend the Farage popular arguments about immigration, points systems and fishing into a half-way house option for a single market Brexit result from the negotiations.

We all know that May will never get the single market result. Nonetheless, the single market argument resonates with the British people.

Tom Brake is pitching for the Brexit brief role but we can ward off that interest by mentioning Carshalton glitches $$. He always stfu when that comes up!

I know this is a climb-down from the Hard Remain position and will be seen as Remain-lite by many in the party and the country but we must react to the latest polling. 63% now backing Brexit is cutting our window and we’ll start haemorrhaging support before we know it. As Leader I feel we must act sharpish or we could end up shit’s creek without a paddle.

I am well aware that many in the party will disagree with me. I hope that, even if you cannot support me on this, you can support the approach I have taken and recognise that I have taken this difficult decision after the fullest consideration. Your sacrifices will be recognised by the party of course post 2020.

Best wishes,


Tim Farron

Constituency Office

Acland House, Yard 2, Stricklandgate, Kendal LA9 4ND

Phone: 01539 723403

Fax: 01539 740800



farron april fools email

One wonders how the Liberal Democrats will be reacting to this email blunder as they wake up this morning of the 1st of April, 2017?

Of course, if they happen to read this scoop after midday on Saturday then the fools are the Country Squires themselves…

Courtesy of Otto English, Arch Trickster & Supremo of Tomfoolery




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