Don’t Look Back in Anger

BY MANDY BALDWIN So, the irons have been pulled out of the fire and we didn’t have to face the terrifying prospect of Catweazle shuffling resentfully into the presence of our beloved Queen (or ‘Comrade Windsor’, as he no-doubt refers to her in his wildest dreams) to be given permission to surrender us to whatever poisons lurk in the mud. After a sleepless night watching … Continue reading Don’t Look Back in Anger

The Mr Fishfinger Interview

BY JON ALEXANDER “He didn’t sound like a Fishfinger” was the message I sent to my friend on Facebook.  Having just finished a telephone interview with Westmorland and Lonsdale’s newest Parliamentary Candidate – Mr Fishfinger – that was all I could think to say.  He’d been ever so kind to give Country Squire Magazine this exclusive opportunity, so I did not hesitate in dropping him … Continue reading The Mr Fishfinger Interview

Dead Cat?

BY JOHN ISMAEL The dead cat strategy used in politics and in damage limitation strategies of corporate PR refers to the introduction of a dramatic, shocking, or sensationalist topic to divert discourse away from a more damaging topic. Boris Johnson summarised the strategy thus: “There is one thing that is absolutely certain about throwing a dead cat on the dining room table – and I don’t … Continue reading Dead Cat?

Your Thoughts are Ours

BY JON ALEXANDER Poor Tim Farron. When the General Election was announced, he was in the prime position of being able to hoover up disgruntled Labour voters and Remainers, thereby turning around the fortunes of the Liberal Democrats and giving them a strong chance of becoming the UK’s third largest party in Westminster again. Sadly, t’was not to be. Poor Tim has been repeatedly asked … Continue reading Your Thoughts are Ours

SCOOP: Tim Farron Praises Farage

CSM EDITORIAL It looks like some poor lady called Jane, the constituency assistant of Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron, is for the chop. A confidential email tracked down, and confirmed by IP, to Farron’s constituency office at Acland House, Yard 2, Stricklandgate, Kendal, has been sent out to the wrong email address on behalf of Tim Farron himself. The email destined for the private email account … Continue reading SCOOP: Tim Farron Praises Farage