Well…here we go again, it’s General Election time in the UK.  Incumbent Prime Minister Theresa May has U-turned quite spectacularly and called for a vote in Parliament to allow the British public to go to the polls once again, this time on the 8th of June 2017.

This decision is correct and is merely a formality – nothing more than a ‘Spring Clean’. Nonetheless this election will be every bit as important as the 2015 General Election when the Conservative Party won an unexpected majority causing three major party leaders to resign; paving the way for the downfall of the Labour Party and Brexit.

This election announcement has brought about criticism from numerous quarters – self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Scots’ Nicola Sturgeon accused Theresa May of a “huge political miscalculation” and even went as far as to say May was “once again putting the interests of her party ahead of the country” – extraordinarily, this was said without a hint of irony.

Many Labour supporters accused May of being duplicitous and even evil for calling the election despite constantly trying to undermine her authority by pointing out that she’s an “un-elected Prime Minister”; the fact we do not directly elect our PM passing them by completely.  Indeed, such was the outrage at her actions that one grieving Labour MP took time out from her mother’s funeral to express her personal upset at Theresa May targeting her and bereaved family:


Naturally, people jumped on this tweet which then prompted poor Liz to cry that she was a victim, that her tweet wasn’t political but truly heartfelt…the first part of her tweet clearly states otherwise – “Theresa May, the unelected Prime Minister.”

We should be grateful that McInnes didn’t take a picture of herself with her mother’s corpse but I’d not be surprised. This is the kind of desperation we are dealing with these days – the left aren’t just fighting an election this time round, they are fighting for their very survival and their protests and insults have a whiff of fear about them …there is a very real possibility that this June will see the end of the Labour Party as we know it and any influence they have now will become even more severely depleted if not totally wiped out.

Theresa May is simply removing more and more of the Left’s rhetoric and they can’t think fast enough to get around it – they can’t accuse the party of being anti-feminist when it is led by a woman, they can’t accuse her of being “unelected” when she’s just called an election (something their Gordon Brown bottled) and their arguments about May not representing the people will be even more difficult to peddle when she’s commanding a thumping majority in the House of Commons.

Recent reports have suggested Theresa May could even outdo Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher in terms of her actual majority with one brave commentator even suggesting she could equal if not better the 470 seats won by Stanley Baldwin in 1931 – could she hit the 500 mark? No, most unlikely – especially now that Northern Ireland and Scotland are sewn up by local parties – but still, the look on the left’s faces if that happened! Expect some serious emigration!

More importantly, the future of what is left of “the Left” will be interesting, the Labour party won’t completely die out but it will surely never be the same again. It is debatable whether or not it will ever produce a UK Prime Minister ever again.

Tactically, under normal circumstances, it may have been better to wait longer and let the Labour party decline even more under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership but we do have the pressing issue of Brexit to contend with.  Both David Cameron and Theresa May have only ever paid passing interest in the Labour leader, holding back in PMQ’s and showing him the same courtesy you would to an ageing relative who was losing his marbles…

The reality is that as a country we do need a strong opposition but more importantly we need a functioning one. Corbyn is still trying to fill Shadow Cabinet Positions from his January reshuffle, his party will be going to the polls shortly to tell us why we should be voting for him as Prime Minister when they were trying to remove him as party leader less than twelve months before.  TWELVE Labour MP’s have already stated they will not be standing in June, coupled with both Tristram Hunt and Jamie Reed standing down this year already – hardly a vote of confidence.

If the better MP’s within the party could do the right thing and split from the party they may salvage enough dignity and support to form a new political party and may actually make some inroads in subsequent elections but they are running the risk of having everything they stand for being decimated and they may suffer collateral damage from which they may not recover. Labour is already a toxic brand.

The Liberal Democrats looked set to come out of this election quite well until current leader Tim Farron’s stance on homosexuality came into question again. What a missed opportunity for Farron to garner the gay vote! There are many within the gay community who are disillusioned with Labour and still believe that the Conservative Party will execute them for being gay – they needed a new political home, gays should veer towards the Conservatives because it was a Conservative PM that introduced gay marriage and there are many gay Tory MPs in power who go against everything the gay community have been brainwashed into believing.

I shall be away on holiday when this election happens but rest assured I shall be watching it with a bottle of wine and some popcorn at close hand.  I expect a sea of blue on election night and look forward to stocking up on wine and popcorn for Labour’s leadership election in the autumn.

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