My thoughts go out to those involved in the London terror attacks last night. I was up late following events and went to bed around 2am expecting terrible news in the morning. When I woke up this morning I must admit being surprised at the relatively small numbers of dead, although over 40 injured – some young girls by stabbing – sounds horrific. I pray for the dead and those left injured or affected by these pathetic, cowardly crimes.

Dear Readers, do not allow these evildoers to in any way change your Sunday. I’d urge you to take your family out for tea and eat lots of cake, imbibe plenty of alcohol and enjoy British freedoms to their fullest. The Manchester concert today should be a great answer to these savages. There is plenty of sport on. Remember these terrorists and those who think like them hate us enjoying ourselves.

So, Dear Readers, ENJOY.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for our amazing police and security services. They keep us safe. They are brave and professional and we wish them and their families all our thanks. 

Please, Lord, may Britain have a brilliant and peaceful Sunday in spite of these ineffective and cowardly terrorist attacks.