The Girl Who Owned A Rainbow



‘Swift and sloshing over the rocks,

River of Life flows like a song.

Some will see…only the hurdles,

But other few…just sing along.


Smiling through the battles,

It is nothing a cost in giving.

Laughing through the sorrows,

Making each day worth living.


Clouds are dark, sound scary & deep?

No. Stars await, beyond my leap.

Storm, lightening or floods of hurdle?

No. Silver lining just makes me yodel.


Wings of faith and the blue sky,

Call out to me…urge to rise high.

Prism of faith rolls-out a welcome,

Life embraces me, in its beautiful spectrum.


I Won’t wait for the Sun,

Won’t ask the Rain to go.

I will be the girl,

Who owned a Rainbow!

© Mahima Sharma


A science graduate from Delhi University and post graduate in Mass Communication, Mahima Sharma is a senior Journalist in New Delhi, India. She began her career as a Content Writer & PR Manager with E-Lexicon PR & Mutual PR, but she found her calling at the renowned Hindustan Times Newspaper. After a couple of front-page stories at HT,  ANI-Reuters got her aboard, where she spread her wings in TV, Print & Digital Journalism. In 2010 Rajdeep Sardesai’s flagship prime-time show offered her, her dream job at CNN-IBN. From May 2017, she is a freelance journalist. A poet and Sufi, at heart, Mahima now writes for unchained passion.