A Prayer for Trolls

Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that You are well.

This week the magazine has been subject to a concerted attack from two trolls who spend their lives trying to make the lives of the editorial team as friendless and miserable as theirs.

Instead of rising to their bait, the Squires have remained calm and, instead, have submitted – in an act of just war – two 300 page reports on the trolls to the Metropolitan Police. I have read these reports and I feel pity for the trolls, who surely should be able to find something better to do with the lives given to them by God.

I would like to take this chance to pray for trolls. They are an odd and ugly species. They lead sad lives and should get out into the light more often.

I wish You a blessed and troll-free Sunday. May God be with You and your family.


A Prayer for Trolls

Dear Lord,

Today we pray for web trolls, who have chosen to hate instead of love.

Let their anonymity be broken and their misery exposed.

Let them learn to re-engage with decent society and find roles in life which add materially and socially to our world.

For those of them suffering from mental illness, that they may find assistance.

For those of them suffering from loneliness, that they find company.

For those of them who are ugly, that they find a way to look beyond the mirror glass.

Lord, please cast the Holy Spirit on these wretched creatures and repair the flaws that so blight their pathetic lives.

We pray to You, Lord Jesus. Please hear our prayer.