Stir Fried Cabbage


This is a no-frills-no-fuss dish, with all the ingredients available aplenty throughout the year. Doesn’t take long to cook either. Read on…

Ingredients: A large/ medium sized cabbage, julienned,  2-3 medium sized potatoes (peeled & diced), 250mg  green peas (shelled), Indian bay leaves  1 or 2 ,   green cardamom  2/3,  cloves  1 or 2,  cinnamon sticks ½  or 1. Cumin seeds ½ tsp, any vegetable oil / olive oil/ mustard oil  3 0r 4  tbsp; green chilli 1; grated ginger ½ tsp, turmeric powder a tiny pinch

Method: Heat the oil in a wok / pan. Add the bay leaf, cloves and the other spices. Add the potatoes and turmeric. Sauté. Next add the cumin seeds, chopped green chili, and grated ginger.  Sauté till the potatoes are tender. Add the cabbage and continue to sauté. Add salt to soften  the  contents. Add peas and continue to stir till a  distinct aroma  emanates. Drizzle  some water, cover  with a lid and simmer. Stir off and on, so that the stuff doesn’t get burnt. Make sure all the ingredients are mish mashed and don’t stick out.  Again check if the potatoes are soft.  Once cooked, serve with plain boiled rice or chapattis (unleavened Indian wheat bread).

N.B. The spices can be varied depending on individual tastes.  Also the process may be shortened by using a pressure cooker instead of a wok or pan.

New Delhi- based Ruchira Adhikari Ghosh hails from a family steeped in English literature. She grew up on a diet enriched with Hans Anderson’s Fairytales, Grimm’s Fairytales, besides Enid Blyton’s works. An English (Hons) graduate from Panjab University Chandigarh, she also holds a Master’s degree in English Literature from the same varsity. A professional journalist, she has regularly contributed to noted dailies viz Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Pioneer, beside upmarket journals like Society and Savvy.  She writes simply to give vent to her vibrant imagination and her tumult of  emotions.