Truth Twisters


I’m sure you all watched on in horror last week as Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. As a result, their infrastructure has been decimated, much of the region is without power, roads are destroyed and their emergency services stretched to the limit.

Yet, the Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz, spoke out against the current U.S Government’s response, begging the current US President Donald Trump to “take charge”.  An interesting request, a bit like Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon demanding Theresa May deal with a crisis in Scotland.

This “outspoken” mayor has apparently “no time for red tape” and doesn’t want a distraction because this is all about saving lives and not about her.  Really? You could have fooled me.  Miraculously, despite the area being in total chaos, Mayor Cruz managed to find a t-shirt printer to produce a t-shirt saying “HELP US WE ARE DYING.”


A true miracle indeed. Later on, she was posing with a hat declaring SOS as well. Fashion first, eh?

What really got my old “spider-senses” tingling was a press conference she did, once again bashing Trump’s response…


Of course, anti-Trumpers were using Cruz’s machinations to their own advantage. The CNN political commentator Ana Navarro was telling people to remember Trump’s failure at election time but do you notice anything odd about the photo above?  Puerto Ricans are dying, they have no access to fresh water was one of the comments made – if that’s so, why are those pallets behind the Mayor still there? Why are they not being distributed?

Cruz has made it clear she dislikes Trump. And while initially the response to the crisis was being praised, somehow this all suddenly changed with Cruz’ interventions.  Cruz swiftly found herself at the centre of a lot attention. The problem for her was that not only the hat and t-shirt got noticed, so pallets full of supplies and trucks full of goods in the docks were also starting to get noticed, prompting a lot of mainstream media to focus on Trump’s tweets to see what he was saying.

There was one reason for aid not getting out to those who needed it. You see, only approximately 15-20% of Puerto Rican workers bothered turning up for duty when called upon. They had gone on strike a few days before the hurricane hit for more money.  They argued that they couldn’t get to their jobs because of the damage done. So then how did Cruz expect Trump to get aid out there once delivered? Walk with more aid tied to his back? No, of course not. But for Cruz shouting and screaming about it is far more effective – that is how Democrats get anywhere, just like Labour activists at home.

What is more curious is the Mayor of Guaynabo, he has a completely different outlook on the response from the Government and FEMA.  Angel Perez told ‘The Daily Caller’ that his experience had been different to Mayor Cruz’s and suggested that if she had bothered attending the meetings she was supposed to attend, she would have the same briefings everyone else had. (His statements back up the accounts from FEMA).

Another reason for Puerto Rico’s vulnerability might be that they effectively went bankrupt in May of this year.  There hasn’t been much investment in their infrastructure of late and Puerto Rico has effectively collapsed after decades of neglect.

I’m sure Puerto Rico will rise up once again but it appears some Puerto Rican leaders are coping with the pressure better than others.

But just look at how the Left uses even a natural crisis to bend the truth to its advantage. These are the good guys? Just like Corbyn is seen by lefties as a do-gooder at home? Really?

Buy some spectacles.

These truth twisters are unreal. They make me sick.