Since the dawn of civilisation,

Mankind has sought Happiness.

Happiness in daily life,

Happiness in body, mind and heart;

Humans relentlessly seek happiness.

Sadly it eludes their grasp,

So they wander around in vain,

Seeking happiness in all directions.

Happiness is a state of mind,

How varied  people’s  minds can be !

Fair Sex craves for jewels, apparels,

Silks. satin, other elegant fabrics;

Lustrous pearls, radiant diamonds,

Emerald, rubies, silver and gold,

Bring them joy manifold.

Women endeavour to enhance,

Their charm appeal & grace;

To enthrall the opposite sex;

Winning hearts makes them glad.

Some find happiness in wealth & riches.

Coffers filled with gold & silver coins;

Wallowing in splendid mansions, villas,

Set amidst sprawling verdant gardens,

A sandy beach, or a picturesque hillside.

Such ambience makes them feel,

That paradise is at hand,

Now, the other side of the picture.

The homeless, pavement dewellers,

In some of world’s largest  cities,

Who sleep under the starlit sky,

Are glad when there is no rain or snow.

The unkempt child foraging dustbins,

Smiles happily,  when  offered food.

Those ailing, suffering are happy,

When their pain is soothed,

The disease finally healed.

Happiness has an eternal quality,

Such as when a woman beholds her babe;

On the first day of its life.

The joy is pristine when the infant,

Sucks ambrosia from the mother’s breasts.

Happiness is to be found,

When you open your eyes;

To a bright new morning, while,

The sky is painted in gold, orange hues,

And the trilling of birds is music to the ears.