Tamsin Sutherland, (formerly Tarquin) aka. The infamousT is a rather mysterious character. Born the youngest of three sons to a then-world-famous orchestral conductor and who left school at 16 without any qualifications. From that moment on, Tamsin walked both the proverbial less-beaten path and the Wild Side. A journey that has seen Tamsin experience everything from being homeless to becoming the MD of her own company, mixing with everyone from Hell’s Angels to Members of Parliament and everything and everyone in between along the way. An outspoken Transsexual, she – or indeed ‘he’ depending on your politics – doesn’t care as one might expect her to in today’s identity politics maelstrom. When asked about her ‘identity’, she replies “musician”. T – as she likes to be called – expresses thought-provoking and often controversial concepts in both her music and writing. T is possibly the only transsexual in the UK to have been ordered to ‘detransition’ by Family Court. And that fact alone makes her story – and her viewpoint – both compelling and prescient. Where does the madness stop with identity politics? Some out there are daring to ask, is Gender even relevant anymore? Here, Country Squire Magazine’s Editor Dominic Wightman interviews Tamsin.

DW: You class yourself as Transsexual not Transgender. What is the difference?

Tamsin: For me, it appears that it’s really a case of the difference between that which creeps up from within as opposed to that which creeps in from without. I don’t think I’ve ever met any genuine transsexuals that were overly thrilled at the notion that this was going to be their life. Transgender people, on the other hand, appear to revel in their lifestyle. The battle lines, politically-speaking, appear to be the sanity of those that understand we fall outside of the norm, and merely seek societal empathy for the accident of our birth, versus those that seem keen to use the power of their ability to CHOOSE to ‘identify’ as transgender as a societal cosh with which they can beat society into a different shape.

DW: You say you cannot stand the sight of yourself or the sound of your own voice?

Tamsin: As what my political opponents call ‘truscum’, my existential dysphoria has been with me since as long as I can remember. Before I made the change, I made a cartoon character out of the person I saw reflected back at me in the mirror. I think I wore almost every available suit in the world of men, and not one of them ever quite fitted me. No one could ever really read me –  I’ve always had an odd aura – I suppose you could say… [Tamsin quietly chuckles to herself at her own in joke – the interviewer lets the chuckling pass…]

DW: You have been suicidal, turned to drugs and drink, presumably because of your sexuality. Yet you say that when you were awarded full custody of your 10-year-old son, you put your journey of sexual exploration on the back-burner. How do you square the two?

Tamsin: Well, here’s the thing. It never really WAS about sexual experimentation for me. Having long loathed my genital region above and beyond all others… annoying thing; I had never really been one for wanting it seen let alone touched. I was trying to sort my HEAD out – and it was 2002. My solicitor and I held out little hope that I would ever get anything more than a contact order and we were both rather taken aback at me being awarded full custody and parental rights in light of my honesty about my explorations of my personal demons. Simply, my son needed a father figure in his life and that was MY responsibility. I didn’t shirk it.

DW: Are you a narcissist?

Tamsin: Ha! Only as much of a narcissist as any other wannabe rock star… I come from a time when talent was discovered and nurtured, not self-proclaimed. If I were a true narcissist, I wouldn’t have spent quite so much time behind a camera or a drumkit. I’m really not one for selfies. At junior school my Headmaster described me to my father as being ‘filled with an indolent bravado’. He had me sussed. I’ve always enjoyed the backroom stuff more. Away from the spotlight.

DW: So, tell me… how many people have you met this year? Is your isolationism based on fear or paranoia or something else?

Tamsin: Six in total. Only one whom I know with any history. In all honesty it’s poor health that keeps me off the streets really. There’s a touch of both fear and paranoia too, of course. My political stance seems to annoy certain people who are allied with the more violent factions that exist in today’s fraught political landscape. As far as paranoia is concerned, I cannot understand why everyone isn’t! The world comes at you fast now, and ‘they’ CAN watch anyone they want, and in reality – I think there are a LOT of people out there that are now quite paranoid indeed and are actively policing their own thoughts before committing them to keystrokes and the omniscient, never-forgetting internet.  My objective lies in only giving them the information I want to, just for the sake of it. Like I say, I am really kind of shy.

DW: What is a biological determinist and are you one?

Tamsin: As far as I can fathom this ridiculous term, this only really means I believe in chromosomes! It’s an insidious term: ‘science believer’ sounds far more unhinged and threatening, no?  I think the entire notion of ‘gender identity’ is nothing more than postmodernist nonsense and anyone that speaks to you in such terms isn’t warranted intellectual credulity.

DW: Most people privately chuckle at the 93 genders and see it as a temporary, weird phase emanating out of US universities where drugs are easy to come by. Just nonsense? Or is it really something more sinister?

Tamsin: If it hasn’t already become abundantly clear over the last 5 years, we all collectively skate on thin societal ice right now. People since the beginning of time have been enthralled by the power of iconography. The thing that strikes me about all this are the signs that have been created for these new 93 ‘genders’, how similar they are in power and tone to Nazi insignia. Along with compelled speech laws now in place in California, as well as New York, (where one can be fined substantial amounts affording a REAL route to prison for wrongthink); Canada can be found going down the same path with Bill C16, along with Australia and the ‘Safer Schools’ propaganda and indoctrination. It appears that it is exclusively the Anglosphere that suffers this form of overt Thought Policing and puts up with it being carried out. It’s not happening in Poland, is it?

DW: You talk of the Rainbow Reich. Weaponising gender. In what ways? What happened?

Tamsin: Well, here’s the meat of the subject. In my opinion, the highly laudable attempts of the old school LGB community to gain parity in society have been thoroughly co-opted now by those for whom the postmodernist screed is all important. The ‘T’ of Transsexual quickly gave way to standing for ‘transgender’ and that’s when the trouble started. They hijacked the transsexual narrative, overtly co-opted our pain to book society on a guilt trip, and then thoroughly infiltrated the entire community with ‘queer theory’, again; straight out of the postmodernists’ handbook.

Having worked – in my previous life – in all the associated disciplines with regard to measuring, provoking and manufacturing collective thought, it seems plain to me that the Unicorns, glitter and rainbows are far less threatening that the Death’s Head skulls and the brown shirts; but that is really ALL the so-called ‘glitter family’ is… the Hitler Youth re-imagined. With extra genders and a route to guilt-free porn. I can personally think of no more powerful way of brainwashing a political viewpoint into people’s minds other than by means of linking it to orgasm in the target’s head. Talk about self-reinforcing.

They have managed to sneak in an entire political substrata of a protected class of Humanity – in right under everyone’s noses. I see the OAP situation in California as highly insidious. A literal way to cull an older generation of Conservative wrongthinkers from within.

It’s the baby-adult pester power of the Harry Potter reading Uni going generation that has scared the current parental generation into submission. None dare refute the postmodernist nonsense their ‘grown up’ children are spouting for fear of losing them to the aforementioned Glitter Family. These are the kids that are playing with Lego instead of reading books, by the way. At university. Lego. Really, stop and ponder that: Lego has replaced books at University. It’s scandalous.

The next generation down are being transed at ever increasing rates and it IS actually deeply homophobic. Right down to the age of four now, any sign of gender nonconformity is the green light to a lifetime of medical intervention.

At who’s cost?

DW: You mention kids being sexualised and brainwashed. How?

Tamsin: The introduction of the so-called ‘gender unicorn’ to kindergarten kids is remarkably insidious, I feel. At a time when no kid should have to consider it, the very notion of gender roles, choosing and ‘identity’ is all linked together in their brains with their genitals… and SOME ‘teachers’ are even introducing dildos and the like to these kids and talking about anal sex! At that age! Surely this an incomprehensible insanity to any individual that considers themselves compos mentis, no?

They should be painting pictures to go on their parents’ refrigerators.

This then leads into the Tumblr teen years and the world of furries and otherkin and anime and cartoon porn laced with ideology designed to get them all ready for University and to play with their Lego. Sexualised as infants and then KEPT infants for as long as possible. Being that this is now so wide-spread, I have no doubt it is a concerted effort. Billions of dollars are being spent, and millions of dollars are being made.

It seems odd that I appear to be one of the very few that aren’t cashing in. I’m sure I could have had a lucrative career too, if only I’d kept my mouth shut and repeated The Lie. Once repeated, one becomes complicit.

You see, my great crime of Heresy is just this: I KNOW I am NOT a ‘real woman’.

I’m quite sure I’ll be burnt at the stake if we lose.

DW: Thank you Tamsin. You make for a fascinating listen. Best regards for the future. We look forward to hearing your story in more depth on the magazine. 

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