The Pointlessness of Public Consultations


Did you know if I contribute to the latest public consultation in Scotland on the Wild Mammals Act (2002) it will be my fifth submission in two years to a UK government review?

All these submissions I have made are to defend field sports and animals against animal rights fundamentalists. These fundamentalists are forever looking at ways to abuse and intimidate a minority group by labelling them cruel and barbaric, merely to stir up public resentment leading to political awareness. Often their main motivation is to line their wallets for yet more campaigns; to indulge in a feeling of self-worth; to perpetuate their organisations and careers within the animal fundamentalist sphere. This is their bread and butter, this is how they survive.

Worryingly, there appears to be a correlation between political parties receiving large donations from animal rights groups and the number of government reviews taking place, predominantly in Scotland and Wales where the Left assert a stronger influence through devolved governments. It is no surprise the ‘animal welfare’ reviews fit the latest agenda the animal rights groups have been plugging.

I am not being cynical when I suggest these reviews tend to be fashioned to give an excuse for legislation to be enacted to ban some practice or activity considered unethical by fundamentalists. Fundamentalists are not the type of people the public would expect to find influencing our politicians, but they do provide politicians with slickly made campaign material and they appeal to emotion (that happens to be how the Left operates) so are made welcome in the lobbying chambers. These campaigns involve invented concerns that get bolstered in the public arena through press outlets while the fundamentalists’ propaganda is continually spouted through social media outlets. The fundamentalists go for soft targets….

“Attacking the keeping of animals in circuses is a safe option for Animal Welfare organisations. They are attacking a minority human group who have different values from today’s Western human cultures (no houses, often nomadic, no mortgages, a world-wide cultural “family” association, live with their animals 24 hrs/day and have different priorities). This is threatening to today’s western human cultures. In addition, there is relatively little money or jobs involved so the circus cannot “buy them off”

Marthe Kiley-Worthington

By contributing to these public consultations perhaps I am merely facilitating the immature, unethical, immoral games played by politicians dancing to the tune of animal rights fundamentalists. Maybe it is time I just ignored them. What good do they do?

By contributing I am merely giving a stamp of approval – legitimising – the fundamentalists and the Left’s bullying and intimidation of hard working country folk, who face the stresses of an uncertain future not knowing the outcome of the public consultations.

I believe that is the point of these public consultations. To further cause as much stress and anxiety to country folk. The animal rights fundamentalists are unethical and should be ignored. The politicians in cahoots with them are political chancers who the full might of the countryside – and those politicians who support us – should target and expose.

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