Rainbow Reich Rising


I am now, at best, a disinterested observer. Fascism to me is merely a form of social movement and the rules can be applied just as easily under a rainbow flag as under a swastika… it really is little more than an aesthetic. I extrapolate, that’s my problem. I’m a pragmatic inevitablist. This truly is an uncomfortable thought. It may be one of the world’s most dangerous thoughts to hold. To me, fascism is an engineering of a collectivist mindset using relentless propaganda. The creation of an unassailable in-group identity. It is, by its very nature, anti-individualist. One MUST succumb to the hive mind and abdicate one’s responsibility to think for oneself: thoughts shall be provided.

There is a naturally abhorrent vacuum of existential angst at the very centre of each and every one of us that we seek to fill with our fetishes about ourselves and the thought-defying magnitude of the Universe around us. Fragile, childlike egos stomp their feet, mouths frothing in righteous rage; demanding that you fall prostrate before the frankly ludicrous notion that it is they, and they alone, who have ALL the answers to creation.

Manufactured collective identity is nothing new. Both Bernays and Goebbels distilled the psychology of it all – and that process has continued apace. The ease with which Derren Brown plays his tricks on people depends on only one thing: predictability. Indoctrination. Confirmation Bias. Stockholm Syndrome. Dunning-Kruger Effect. Milgram experiment. Pavlov’s dogs. Stanford prison experiment. Cognitive Dissonance. They have studied well.

They ride on the ever-increasing speed of technology itself. They bank on the idea (a positive one) that blockchain can and will be applied to the political process and with it much of today’s manufactured nonsense. What’s presented to them is an opportunity to remove themselves from the societal loop. Just look at what they oppose: Old white men. Anything old in fact – or white, indeed. Nation States for another, and the associated national pride. History. Facts – often. Education, certainly – and any dissenting viewpoints with “prejudice” running contrary to their spectrums or political stances. They appear to hate Christians and Jesus too. They detest logic, classical liberalism, conservatism… the nuclear family.

Conversely, they take the side of adult infantilism, childhood sexualisation, the subjugation of women as a class, (indeed they appear to stand for the total erasure of both women and men – of boys and girls). They stand for not only thought policing, but the policing of your sexual preferences and determination of your real gender. For you are no woman. For you are no man.

Precious few have any idea what they are actually signing up for. It’s all in the small print, you see.

It’s a no-brainer to sign up to, eh?

“I support Gay Marriage”. Well, I mean – who wouldn’t? Only a Nazi – right? Only a homophobe? A small-minded sexist?

Now collect your rainbow flag and sachet of blue hair dye.

It’s a neat trick, eh?

Wake up.

Tamsin Sutherland, (formerly Tarquin) aka. The infamousT is a rather mysterious character. Born the youngest of three sons to a then-world-famous orchestral conductor and who left school at 16 without any qualifications. From that moment on, Tamsin walked both the proverbial less-beaten path and the Wild Side. A journey that has seen Tamsin experience everything from being homeless to becoming the MD of her own company, mixing with everyone from Hell’s Angels to Members of Parliament and everything and everyone in between along the way. An outspoken Transsexual, she – or indeed ‘he’ depending on your politics – doesn’t care as one might expect her to in today’s identity politics maelstrom.

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