A Prayer to Curb Comparison


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that You and your families are well and healthy. I trust that You are looking forward to Christmas and the New Year.

This is a time of year NOT to get involved in comparisons. Children tend to – so and so got a brand new Lego set which cost £400 etc. Try to avoid all that. Just because someone has a bigger Christmas tree … who cares?

Here’s a prayer to help You on your way. Have a splendid Sunday and a good week to come.

Lord, help us stop comparing our Advent season to any other family because we know you have ordained us for this family, at this table, and you have “good works prepared in advance for us to do” that are specific for us. We find meaning and joy in whatever life looks like because we trust Jesus for our lives. Even more, when we’re seated with Christ, we worship you and take our eyes off ourselves. Because we’re experiencing intimacy with Jesus, loneliness and disconnection fade and allow us to focus on blessing others. We can stop obsessing over ourselves and consider how we might serve and love best. When we’re seated with Christ during Advent, we realise that you have sovereignly placed us right where we are for a reason this holiday season, and we can trust that you know what you’re doing. Finally, when we’re seated with Christ, we can reiterate to our heart that at all times, your peace, power, hope, and love are available to us in endless supply. As we take our seat with Jesus, we pray our holiday tables shimmer with your glory and that any joy and hope we’ve lost returns. May we overflow with spiritual gifts as we sit with you, Jesus.