Mistletoe Cocktail

Ingredients: 60ml white rum 15ml lime juice 30ml cranberry syrup Wedge of lime and some sugar to rim glass Rosemary sprig and raspberries or cherries for garnish Method: Rim martini glass with wedge of lime and dip in sugar. Half fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Place rum, lime juice and cranberry syrup into cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. Strain into prepared martini glass. Garnish … Continue reading Mistletoe Cocktail

Raspberry Martini Christmas Cocktail

Ingredients: 350ml Martini Rosso 150ml Gin 4 tsp icing sugar 24 frozen raspberries 2 bottles chilled Prosecco   Instructions: Mix the Martini and gin together and chill or store in a bottle if making ahead. If you have room in your fridge or freezer, chill your Champagne glasses, too. When your guests are due to arrive, spoon ½ tsp icing sugar into 8 Champagne glasses. … Continue reading Raspberry Martini Christmas Cocktail

Christmas Repurposed

BY INFAMOUST The Great Winter Distraction is almost upon us. Christmas as it was once commonly called – but that is too exclusive now, even though the name of the festival still clings doggedly on. It is only in very isolated pockets that one finds any sort of seriously pious observance of this time of the year. The Orgy of Consumption is all encompassing, Santa … Continue reading Christmas Repurposed