Only Minnows Call for Silencing


In the red corner – Donald Trump, who needs no introduction.  In the corner reserved for also-rans – accidental Prime Minister the Appeaser Theresa, berating him as usual with all the erudition of a depressed heron gargling ball-bearings while being held hostage at gunpoint.

There were many other people who joined in the hysterical demand for the President of the United States to curtail his right to use social media, following Trump re-tweeting from Britain First: Amber Rudd, who barely retained her seat in GE17, a Labour nonentity called Chris Bryant (otherwise known as Captain Underpants for some reason) who actually wants The Don jailed for upsetting radical Muslims, Tony Blair, and Creepy Caliph Khan, who will keep deluding himself that he has a remit to engage in international affairs (instead of sorting out the spike in scooter thieves and the delivery of the capital’s wheelie-bins) – a local politician outraged beyond his pay grade at the prospect of a visit from our most vital ally.

Remember it was Sadiq Khan who was shown to follow ISIS supporters on Twitter. Oh, and Khan represented Louis Farrakhan in his attempts to overturn a ban on coming to Britain in the early 2000’s –  American leader of the extremist religious group Nation of Islam, who labelled white people ‘devils,’ described Jews as ‘bloodsuckers’ and called Hitler a ‘very great man’.

Of course, these aren’t the only people who hate Donald Trump: Americans who scream at the sky and dress as vaginas hate him too. As do the mainstream media. And North Koreans, apparently.

People fast forget that, under Article Nineteen of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to deny the free exchange of ideas is a crime against humanity. The lowliest among us have the absolute right to feel as we feel, and to express those feelings verbally and through any public media. If we are the President, or mere lowly citizens.

So, how dare these minnows demand the silencing of the most powerful man in the world?

To May’s ticking off, Trump responded that May should focus more on the dangers of Islamic extremism and Trump was proven right within just 24 hours: male jihadis disguised in the burkas, which mushy liberals like May refuse to ban, attacked a Pakistani agricultural college.

By definition, anyone who silences dissent is an oppressor, freedom was never won by appeasing oppressors, and those who oppose oppression are by their very nature heroes. So, thanks to the Globalist Fascists, Britain First are now martyrs, Jayda Fransen stands to be a political prisoner, Tommy Robinson is Robin Hood, Katy Hopkins is Boudicca, every EDL member is elevated to a Merry Man, every writer and ranter to a Voltaire. Those held in contempt by the Politically Correct have even found a visionary Virgin Queen to lead them in the form of Anne Marie Waters.

The law is frequently a tool of tyrants, when it isn’t an ass.  Even the Holocaust was legitimised. The very concept of such a thing as Hate Speech – a euphemism for ‘offending Muslims’ – is as much a travesty of human rights in 2017 as the Nuremberg Laws from 1935.

Donald Trump doesn’t care what the elites do or what nobodies like Khan bleat. His remit is the protection of his own country and people, as it should be for every leader.  Whether traditionalists like it or not, there are many similarities between Trump and Churchill: both regarded as loose cannons, phenomena rather than mere politicians. Both half American, half British. Both untouchable and beyond purchase, Churchill because of his illustrious family name, Trump because he is slightly richer than God. Trump is the Nemesis of Globalism. Thanks to Brexit and him, it’s now a dead concept walking.

And yet, with all the arrogant irrelevance of 18th century aristocrats rattling toward the guillotine on a tumbril, about to end up shorter, by squawking outrage at Donald Trump, our ‘establishment’ still erroneously claim to speak for a majority who they make clear they despise and by whom they are mocked.

How dare May, whose gravestone should be inscribed with the word “Negligible”, presume to attack our friends’ choice of President, while grovelling to those who want to see us destroyed?  Because make no mistake: America – real America – is the truest, possibly the only, friend we have.

Friendship is the graves of 522,107 young Americans scattered across Europe in our defence, and with them the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren who should have been born to them. Friendship is $l40 billion at today’s values in Marshall Aid to rebuild Europe from the rubble it was reduced to by people with similar ambitions to those who quisling May tries now to appease by depriving Britain in favour of the decaying Superstate she has always preferred.

It should be remembered that the definition of the word ‘populist’ – which our snobbish, out-of-touch elites use as an insult for Trump and others like him – is ‘support for the concerns of ordinary people’. Therefore, it stands to reason that every leader of every nation should be ‘populist’.

As it is, too many people who consider themselves to hold the moral high-ground have never experienced the reality, for instance, of a town being ruined by the building of a mosque, and continue to roll their eyes and curl their lips in contempt for the concerns of the ‘ordinary’ – forgetting that the ordinary form the majority. And in the polling booth, whether they like it or not, each vote cast by one of those they despise is equal to their own.