A Prayer For the Elderly


My parish, like so many other parishes across the country, is full of elderly people. I suppose I should honest with myself and be classed as elderly also. As Britain greys, the number of elderly people increases and so does the number of lonely and vulnerable. I see them myself as I ride my bike across my own parish. They are the forgotten folk of our times.

This Christmas please keep an eye open for the old lady or old gentleman who lives in the cottage or bungalow down the overgrown lane. Or the person in the flat who rarely ever leaves. These people exist in every town and village across the land.

Drop a Christmas card by at their home. Leave them a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers. It may make their Christmas.

There are good people everywhere who will welcome waifs and strays into their homes this Christmas. This is a Christian trait and one that reflects the generosity of the Christmas story.

Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, have a lovely week and a peaceful day. I wish You all well.

For those who walk 
more slowly 
through this world
than in the days 
when they were young,
may each step
be made lighter
and their joy be greater
for seeing beauty
in little things
that the hurrying pass by