A Prayer for January


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine I wish You a relaxing and peaceful Sunday.

I notice how each year at around about this time there are the first bad moods of the year descending. Maybe this has something to do with starting a new diet or holding back on the spending after a Christmas splurge. Maybe it’s something to do with facing up to New Year resolutions which are too ambitious and not based in reality.

I ask You to take some time out today. Try and enjoy what You have around You. Marvel at its beauty. Perhaps go for a walk today and see how nature copes with this time of year. The great resister of cold and pressure.

Below I give You a prayer that may help You open Your eyes, should you need them opened. To see that, actually, we are only on this earthly plane for a short while and occasionally we should take some time out and appreciate our place in existence rather than getting caught up in what, in the end, becomes far less relevant.

God bless. Have a lovely day and good week to come.

The world turns,
The sun rises,
The birds sing,
The dawn breaks.
The beauty of your creation,
Unfolds afresh, bathed in light!
I give you my life,
I notice my breath,
I appreciate the comfort of nourishment.
I soak up the light of a new day 
Full of possibility and joy.
Thank you Lord!

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