CSM Meme Competition Winners


We would like to thank the entrants for this year’s CSM Christmas Competition. The entries were …err… interesting.

We have chosen 5 which we feel are good enough to proceed to compete for prizes. They are also fit to appear on the magazine, unlike some of the … err … rather adult memes that were sent to us.

Please review the winning memes and then vote for them in the poll below. We will reveal names and name the winner at the end of the week.

Thank you and, again, we really appreciate your efforts.

Here are the finalists:

Emily Thornberry

Corbyn Devil meme



Momentum meme

the magic money tree


Congratulations to WINNER Richard Wayne (Momentum) & Runner-Up Rashmi Patani (Magic Money Tree). The other prize winners are Nick Webster (Umbridge / Thornberry), Mary Akeroyd (Bernie/Jezza) and Harry Kerr (Corbyn Devil). Looking forward to meeting you all next month at the prize-giving. 

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